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Thread: Microsoft patch that crashes NT 4.0

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    Microsoft patch that crashes NT 4.0

    Maybe this should be in tech humor cause it's kind of funny. M$ released a patch 12-02-2002
    that could crash NT. It seems they would have tested it before releasing into the public, but
    this patch could let a attacker get admin privileges on the system. A flaw in the WM_TIMER function that lets this happen. source Guess the sql virus got them on their toes.

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    Microsoft is investigating the issue and will release an updated patch shortly, the Redmond, Wash., company said in a revised version of its security bulletin.

    Its funny that there is a patch for a patch..
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    I installed a patch on my computer a few weeks ago and my system hasnt crashed or gotten the blue screen of death or anything, and my uptime has more than tripled! its amazing!
    The patch is a lil bit on the big side but still its worth it, once you download the patch and install your set, no more crashing, no more errors, nothin like that, you can actually get things done!! you can download the patch at these websites:




    what kind of patch did you think i was talking about

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    there have been precendces to this before.

    Anyone remember SP 6 followed by SP6a like two weeks later because of the massive problems with it?

    How about SP 5 which everyone I know skipped because of all the bugs in it.

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