Hi all, i was suring the net looking out for different linux distributions that are security enchanced and have found a few that seem to be interesting. Has anyone here used one of these distributions, and if so are you happy with them? I use one of them as a firewall (devil-linux) which so far is really great. Have a look for yourself on all the distros.

White Glove Linux
Developer: Fred Cohen & Associates

When you boot your computer from the White Glove CD, it instantly becomes a Linux powerhouse. It comes complete with firewall software, drivers for most Ethernet cards and Disks, a wide range of networking and other amazing tools, and even complete and secure web and DNS servers. It includes an on-CD manual and tutorial, menu-based services from the X11 graphical user interface, and a set of tools that meet or exceed those you are used to today. It's easy to use, easily fits in your shirt pocket, fast to boot and run, reliable, secure, and inexpensive.

Website: http://all.net/WG/index.html

Trustix/Merdeka Linux
Developer: Trustix Asia

Trustix Merdeka is a Linux distribution which emphazises the desktop and security. The main idea is to provide a desktop Linux distribution which is secure out of the box as well as easy to install. This distribution includes a minimum number packages, though what are considered the best ones, as well as multi-language support.

Website: http://www.trustix.com/

Trustix Secure Linux
Developer: Trustix AS

Trustix Secure Linux is a project to make a hardened Linux distribution for servers. It features OpenSSL, OpenSSH, Apache w/SSL&PHP, Postfix, POP3 and IMAP with SSL support, ProFTP, and ftpd-BSD.

Website: http://www.trustix.net/

Security-Enhanced Linux
Developer: NSA and University of Utah

Secure Linux distribution developed by the U.S. government's National Security Agency and Secure Computing Corporation with the contributions of the University of Utah

Website: http://www.nsa.gov/selinux/

LinuxROM (aka PizzaBox distro)
Developer: KYZO

Using KYZO's unique LinuxROM distribution, a PizzaBox Server boots and runs entirely from a bootable Flash ROM giving the server system security, reliability and ease of use not available form hard disk based operating systems.

Website: http://www.kyzo.com/

KRUD (Kevin's RedHat Über Distribution)
Developer: Tummy.com Ltd.

This distribution is based on Red Hat and emphasizes security. Kevin Fenzi, co-author of the Linux Security HOW-TO is the creator.

Website: http://www.tummy.com/krud/

Kaladix Linux
Developer: Kaladis

Kaladix Linux is billed as a "hyper-secure" system. Here, security is the focus. The distribution contains only what the developers consider the most secure packages.

Developer: Frank Meyer

Fli4l is a single floppy Linux-based ISDN, DSL and Ethernet-Router. It is designed to convert old computers (486's) into productive network machines.

Website: http://www.fli4l.de/english/e_fli4l.htm

EnGarde Secure Linux
Developer: Guardian Digital Inc.

EnGarde is a secure distribution of Linux that implements advanced security techniques. It can be used as a web, DNS, mail, database, e-commerce, and general Internet server.

Website: http://www.guardiandigital.com/products/software/trial/

Developer: Heiko Zuerker

Devil-Linux is a mini distribution especially designed for a firewall and promises easy customization. Devil-Linux Boots from CD so there is no need for a harddisk. It supports Intel 486 and higher processors and uses the latest Linux kernel.

Website: http://www.devil-linux.org/

(Thats the one i use and really like.

If you come across any other security enchanced distributions, let me know (only maintained distros please).