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Thread: AntiOnline Folder Customization for Download (Windows)

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    For Download: AntiOnline Folder Customization (Windows)

    Here is a folder customization I put together with the AntiOnline color scheme in mind. I had to borrow some of the tables because they were too confusing to do myself. This folder customization is for the members of AO. Hopefully you know how to customize a folder, but if now, I tried to include steps that should let you successfully apply this theme.

    *Please note this is a basic folder view. It doesn't have the file details section, etc., but I might get around to writing a version that includes that.*

    !** Use at your own risk **!

    Instructions (also in Zip file):
    1) Uncompress "corner.gif" to "C:"
    2) Uncompress "Tim_axe AOTheme.txt" to "C:"
    3) Open "Tim_axe AOTheme.txt" in a Text Editor
    4) Find "YourNameHere" and Replace it With Your Name
    5) Find "ImageDIR", and change to "C:\corner.gif"
    6) Select All, and Copy to Clipboard
    7) Goto a Folder You Wish to Apply the Theme to (In Explorer)
    8) Goto "View > Customize this folder..." Click "Next", "Next", Check "I want to edit this template", and click "Next"
    9) Notepad should open up. Select all, and clear file. Paste
    10) Save changes, and "Finish" Folder Customizations


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    Lightbulb Version 1.1 of Customization Avaliable!

    This folder customization has advanced to the next level. It is now similar to the 'Standard' folder view - it updates file name, modified, type, size, attributes, and preview. (If you know what you're doing, and want to see more file details, you can try to get to the part of the code I had to jimmy and work with it from there. Documentation is lacking, but I didn't have much to work with either). So, once again, enjoy. Instructions included like the previous version, and you will hopefully be able to use this one.

    If you find any bugs / glitches, PM me. BTW, I already know there is a small white square for the preview area when you load the folder (it goes away) - but why do you think the default MS folder color is white? At least on my machine it is...

    !** Use at your own risk **!


    AO Theme Standard (1.1) - 2003-02-07:
    Added file detail menu
    *Comparible to 'Standard' folder*

    AO Theme (Simple - 1.0) - 2003-02-05:
    Project started
    *Comparible to 'Simple' folder*



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