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Thread: Micorsoft warns of Open-Source threat.

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    Micorsoft warns of Open-Source threat.

    This is a predictable response from MS.



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    You know, instead of worrying about what open Source is doing they should be worried about releasing like, ONE product that hasnt had a security rating beyond critical once a month, there all worried about open source taking over and trying to stop it, when all theyd have to do to start winning a few battles is start learning how to program GOOD, lol its kinda funny i think, Microsoft has money, and there code is buggy, Linux has Heart, theres works, just goes to show you a paycheck isnt the only reason people work hard Heart is a better inspiration it looks like

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    Companies routinely warn in their SEC filings about events that could hurt financial performance; many of those events never materialize. One person posting to a Slashdot discussion said Microsoft has included warnings about Linux and open source in official filings for several years.
    It is always interesting on how the machination of economy unfolds. The common end-user will not be migrating to open-source until 'out-of-box' preformance becomes more user friendly with open-source, yet MS would like the market to believe that this will/may dramatically affect stock performance. The average end-user can't even get their printer to work with Linux. Don't get me wrong, I am a strong proponent of open-src. My point is the the spin MS puts on it to 'pad' stock prices/performance. Microsoft did bring computing to the masses, but IMHO they can no longer see the forest for the trees.

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    they did not, IBM brought the world of personal computing, and Microsoft at that time had XENIX, there version of UNIX, then they bought DOS from a guy in seattle cheaply, now there rich because even though they dont give a damn about there customers they are good at business....guess there making up for there lack of programming.

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    all i can say ..... hahhahahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    they have the nerve say that we should pay for something we can get for free.... yeah kiss my ass microsoft. even the win2k i have at home is a pirated

    next thing you know they'll bribe coupe of senators and try to outlaw open source

    long live Richard Stallman and Linux Torvalds

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