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Thread: Poll:Do you read the UELA ?

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    Poll:Do you read the EULA ?


    After downloading the new M$ patch today and clicking yes to the User End Licence Agreement to just get it going, it dawned on me that i rarely if ever take the time to read the thing to me it was always just annoyance i mean if you dont click "yes" you cant install the damn thing anyways.
    so i was curiouse how many of you actually read it or pass it on as an annoyance.

    this is also my first attempt at a poll i hope its not too dumb LOL

    Yes I realize I mistyped EULA on the poll LOL sorry
    if a moderator would be so kind to fix it i'd be most greatful .. because i couldnt

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    I do read them depending on the software and location.

    I mostly browse through them to make sure I'm allowed to use them at work.
    Many people accept to the agreements and install them at work. If this is only supposed to be used for personal use, you are in violation of the agreements and fines could come to the company. The chances that they will be audited are low, but still there.

    If I use them at home, I don't really read through them, just skim. I try to see if I'm installing any adware and etc. Since I've since found Spy Bot Search and Destroy... I don't read them as often.
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    I feel better not reading it. In a Dilbert comic a few years back, Dilbert opened some Microsoft software, but didn't read the fine print on the license. Per the license, by unwrapping the package he obligated himself to become Bill Gates' towel boy for life. Dogbert told him to call his lawyer, but it was too late. Dilbert's lawyer opened up a package and was doing laundry for Gates. Fortunately for Dilbert he failed the entrance exam and continued to work for his pointy-haired boss.
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    I don't actually read the whole thing, I do browse through it, like a quick scan. Like phishphreek, I do like to see if I'm installing something that I don't want with the rest of the package and how my information is going to be used, especially with registration, etc..

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    Actually, we have to read the UELA and sign off on it. Gotta love the Govt.!

    There is some method to this madness though. No one wants to be sued and no one wants to end up on the front page of the newspaper. The SPA would LOVE to light that fire.
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    hmmm User End Licens Agreement...wouldn't that be a hit-contract? lol.....I know you noticed but I though it was kinda funny...with M$ and all

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