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Thread: Doubt in Networking programming

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    Doubt in Networking programming


    This regarding Unix Network Programming v/s JAVA network programming...
    Can any one out there tell me,
    Which one is more simpler (programmer-friendly??)
    and which one is more powerful??

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    First off, what do you mean by UNIX network programming? You can write network code for UNIX in Java as well. I'll assume that you mean network programming with C/C++ for UNIX. In that case, Java is definitely easier to learn and has more functionality straight off. But if you want to write a custom protocol or something, then you're better off using C/C++.
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    As cgkanchi said, Java networking is very simple

    The server needs little code:
    ServerSocket ss = new ServerSocket(portNumber);
    Socket c = ss.accept();

    To connect the client to the server you need one line
    Socket s = new Socket(hostName, portNumber);

    and then you can create input and output streams on the Socket s and Socket c to make them talk back and forth.

    You can get some more info on these classes on the Java API site:

    My Java textbook said C++ sockets were more difficult than Java sockets. The code looked a bit more confusing. Whether that is true or not I have yet to find out.
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    I've never written Java code for sockets but it sounds eassier then doing it in C (which I have done). If I recall there are 3 functions that you use in C.
    Bind (params)
    Listen (params)
    Accept (params)

    If you have a good understanding of C and a good reference then C sockets are not hard. I used.

    Attached is an old assignment that did client server communiucation via sockets and some simple queingg, hashing and basic thread operations . It was compiled in a Compaq Alpha 4100 (64 bit system).

    Hope it helps.

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    I actually meant Unix Network programming using C..
    I'm pretty good in C programming but I haven't tried socket programming in C yet. So I guess, I'll stick to JAVA...
    Thanks a lot..

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