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    Most annoying malware

    Recently Iíve come across with several malware. I used PestPatrol to detect and delete those malware. Who do you think is the most annoying malware? In my own experience Gain and Doubleclick. Let me know what your experience is with those malware.
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    To me, they are all annoying, but a simple scan with Ad-aware will do a great job cleaning your system... I had some run in's with Xupiter, that's the one that really stands out in my mind right now... In the end, it's all a bunch of filth that I don't need on my PC - I clean my PC quite often...
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    w32.klez.h and .e has got to be the most annoying for me.

    They are always popping up on peoples home computer and they bring it in for me to fix!
    Pain in my a$$. Next one, i'm giving it back and telling them there is nothing I can do.
    Format and reload...

    I don't know how many times I told/tell them to keep their AV def. up2date.

    I find those adware pieces to be a pain too, but they are easily removed....
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