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    Linux?maybe Windows?why not

    hey everybody

    As a newbie, This question realy bothers me..
    Linux or Windows? what should I use?
    I heard many people say Linux in better and Windows is ****
    and I also heard people say Windows is better and we were just brainwashed to think that Linux is better, in what way is Linux better than Windows or Windows than Linux?

    Any comments welcomed


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    this is all user preferable. what i am trying to say is you have to decide for yourself. however, windows is more user friendly and is easy to learn. linux takes time and practice and really isnt very good if you just wanna get straight into computing. or you can do what i do. run a dual boot then decide day by day

    <edit> if you want help with setting up a dual boot, msg me </edit>
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    The most knowledge you get of practice, reading and trying.
    It also depends on if you need a lot windows for work or school, etc...

    But like Trust_123 said, a dualboot system is excellent to begin with and to decide eventually.

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    This question is definitely up to the user and what you'd be willing to try yourself.

    I use both. I run Slackware 8.1 on an old 486 for learning purposes. I'm in no way a guru, and the good thing about it is, when I want to deal with it, I can. If not, my main computer is a Windows box and I do spend more time on it, as I am more familiar with it. I grew up working with Windows.

    If you want to try something new and enter the world of Linux/Unix, by all means, do so. It's very different, but it's also a lot of fun. It will open up more doors to you knowledge wise, you'll be learning a lot of different new things that will enhance your computer experience.

    Honestly, I do not think one is better than the other. Where one lacks, the other makes up for. And I guess it's up to you, what you do on with you box that will also help make a decision to whether or not you choose to use Linux full time or not.

    On forums such as this one, you're going to find more people interested in Linux due to the security. If you have a problem with your Linux OS, you can fix it and recompile the kernel, whereas with an MS based OS, it doesn't work like that. And because the distros for Linux are open source, you'll find a whole huge internet community dedicated to fixing and solving problems that arise. Since you never see the source for a Windows OS, the communities are limited to what MS says it's going to fix in its next patch, downloading the patch, and going from there.

    Last but definitely not least there are tons of people that say Windows sucks without even having valid reasons as to why they say that. In fact, you'll find a lot of sheep that just follow along with that opinion just to feel l33t on forums like these. And you'll also find, ironically, that many of the users who talk this way have a Windows box as their main computer. Interesting.

    My suggestion would be to rate your knowledge of what you currently use now. Would you feel comfortable learning something different? What would you use it for? Are you willing to spend a few hours of frustration and pulling out your hair? You'll read stuff until your eyes bleed unless these type of things come naturally to you, which in most cases, it doesn't. And don't neglect what you're using now. Learn all you can about your current OS as well. The more knowledge, the better.

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    This subject has been played out ;-)
    I know you're a newbie, but please try to search the archives before posting...
    ::look smart, read first, post later::

    btw- I' like the un*x flavors a lil' better myself- although i'm constantly on a win2k box because of all the Business applications... (MS Office is God in the corp world) So, i'd say "set a duel boot" and you'll be fine :-)

    Have fun... take it easy...
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    Smile My two cents

    I would agree with GreekGoddess more. Dual boot is fine and all, but if you're a newbie starting out then you will run into problems. Dual boots are nice, but if you mess up a partition table or want to try to install M$'s new version of Windows, you can really throw yourself into a problem. If possible, get another machine to run any UNIX or LINUX OS that is out there, and then have your main machine be for Windows. That way you can still game, surf the Net liek you're use to, use all your favorite M$ applications like you're use to, and then have a computer that you can kill and just reload with your UNIX/LINUX OS.

    Plus LINUX is free anymore, as long as you have access to a decent Internet connection. And you can pretty much use it on anything. The requirements for Slackware 8.1 (if I remember correctly) is a 486DX2, with 16MB of RAM, and a 85MB hard drive? Or something low to that affect. Which is kind of nice, because you can recycle old hardware to use it on, or if you're buying a new computer for it, you can get something really cheap. Something like that here at Penn State Uni costs like 35 bucks, without a monitor of course =)

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    Thanx people, thats realy helpful, maybe I am gonna put both linux and windows on the same system...

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    Live dangerously, use linux. Im tired of this crap about how its only for gurus. Try Mandrake 9, Red Hat 8, Lycoris, Libranet, SuSE, or any of the other newbie oriented distros. For everyday computing, nothing beats its ease of use, affordability, package selection, and sheer customizability. Don't be fooled into thinking that linux is archaic looking either. It can be quite beautiful. Check out my screenshots at http://www.badconnections.net/mandrakescreenshots/

    If you just want to try linux without having to install, try knoppix, vitual linux, or SuSE Live. Here are is the only link you need.

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    You can also get away with dual booting and not messing partitions up by buying another hard drive and putting linux on that.
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    The problem that I see though, is people are always pushing people into using Linux when the user doesn't even know their current operating system that well. If you can't navigate through Window's pretty GUI, you think it's going to be cake doing command line functions?

    Also, I would throw a word of warning to anyone who uses a computer like a Compaq. The dual boot process did NOT go over well. In fact, it caused more trouble than it was worth. And since Compaq does not ship the actual OS, but their version, reinstalling took finding a friend's recovery CD, popping it in and going from there. Not a good experience for a newbie like myself. Plan on mistakes, plan on things going wrong...

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