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Thread: Problems with PHPnuke

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    Unhappy Problems with PHPnuke


    [one] I've installed PHPnuke on my pc (WinXP on ix86), when I try to create a superuser don't happen nothing, my browser reload always admin.php with this message: There are no Administrators Accounts yet, proceeed to create the Super User.

    [two] Wheh I click on every link of my site, I've an error message: Sorry, you can't access this file directly...

    Can you help me?
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    I guess you will get better help with your installation of nuke if you goto PHP-Nuke Forum and ask the same questions. Its more of a installation issue you have then a security related question.


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    I'd keep a close eye on your PHPNuke, lately i've noticed a lot of PHPNUke posts on Bugtraq and VulnWatch... Although i can't answer your question (sorry)- just a warning... you can find the vulnwatch and bugtraq on www.securityfocus.com
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with tampabay. The current nuke programs out there can really compromise your security. It would probably be in your best interest, security wise, to stay away from them completely.

    But as for your questions, you may want to check to see if you have all of your file and folder permissions set correctly. If not, you won't have the ability to write to files you may need to. Also, make sure that your cookies are adjusted properly. You would refer to your nuke manual/read me to see how you would set that up.

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    Best thing to do is delete PHPnuke. You do not want anything like that on your computer because i can mess u up really bad.
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