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Thread: HELP! - Linux vrs Windows

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    HELP! - Linux vrs Windows

    Hello all... I have to do a research paper on Linux vrs Windows for my english class..

    well actually i had to do an argumentive english research paper and aparently i needed a topic yesterday at the start of class or i would have been givin an F and when he asked me what my topic was i didnt have one and so Linux vrs Windows was the first thing to come to my head and thus a quick response kept me from failing lol..

    So please if anyone can help me with this question ill be a very happy person.

    I need articles about Linux vrs Windows
    I also need 1 book about Linux vrs Windows that i could possibly read fully online or get from a libary or at least have the name of and all info about it so i can at least lie and act like i read it :P lol

    So please.. Dont tell me to use google and whatever elese cause i already am after posting this.. But if anyone knows of any articles about this topic that i can print out for my class tomorrow that i need this all by i would greatly be thankfull..

    I also need 1 book name and auther of a book that talks about that topic...

    Thanks to anyone who can provide links

    -S =)

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    So please.. Dont tell me to use google and whatever elese cause i already am after posting this
    Use Google. Google will give you all the links you need to get an idea of what to write for your English paper.

    Looking on Google now, I see many, many many hits on "Linux vs. Windows." SO let's give you some links I found on Google:

    www.cyber.com.au/cyber/about/ linux_vs_windows_tco_comparison.pdf


    and the list goes on and on.


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    Not to mention this topic was already posted today and countless times throughout the forums. A simple search would have turned that up.

    Posted today:

    Previously posted:

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    I can sympathsize with papers, I am starting work on my graduate thesis.

    I used proquest to look the topic up and found that there are articles (with authors listed):

    PC World:
    "Linux vs. Windows: The Rematch"; Scott Spanbauer; 11.2002
    "Fee vs. free software" Eric Dahl; 03.2002

    "Don't forget the dollar signs when counting Linux vs. W2K numbers"; Nicholas Petreley; 07.1999

    Did not find any books using proquest, amazon.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    Alright i have tons of articles already..

    Now anyone know of any BOOKS on the subject?

    And GG im not asking for a suggestion of which is better im asking for info for a research paper on the subject where i can only use Books and Articles not regular peoples personal pref which is not in any of the links you provided me so i guess your simple search was not the answer.

    alittlebitnumb - thank you for the links, i found the same articles after posting this thread.. =)

    So please anyone any books they know that are based on the subject of Linux vr Windows

    again.. books only now please


    sirrahj - thanks =) i know it seems like no one has ever written a book close to the subject that i can use in the paper but my teacher is being a dick and saying i have to find one

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    Don't pick on GG, I think she's right. Now you want books ???!!! me, I'm just thinking you post something here and let other persons search for you. Why does alittlebitnumb find so much hits and you didn't... well , it's just my opinion, but why don't you try harder...

    Oh, btw did you notice the four similar links underneath ....
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    I am not sure which platform you know better, but there is a book by Mark Minasi that explains Linux for Windows NT/2000 administrators. It got great reviews on Amazon so I picked it up and have not had time to look through it. Unfortunately I doubt it will be online.

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    Shrekkie if u read the thread u woulda seen i asked for articles and books at first, i also said i would search too.. i found tons of articles as i said above again and i asked if anyone knows any books.

    And im not picking on GG but again i dont think either of u read the thread well enough to understand it. Keep ur opions to urself cause their not what i asked for again if u read the thread fully u might have understood that.

    I see now that the majority of antionline members that post dont give a **** about anything but the antipoint system.

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    So please.. Dont tell me to use google and whatever elese cause i already am after posting this.... Shrekkie if u read the thread u woulda seen i asked for articles and books at first, i also said i would search too
    Not to sound like we're ganging up on you or anything, but I think the gist of what they are telling you is that you should search *before* you post, not after.
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