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Thread: boot sheep on disk insert?

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    boot sheep on disk insert?

    i think this question is going to be vague but i dont know what else i can specify... okay for example.... i have this proggie called sheep.exe (its really cute its got little sheep that fall down on your screen and play around) but the question is how do i make this proggie either load when i put the disk in or when the disk is looked at or something like this... any help is better then none... thanx
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    hmm I know you can do it with CD, by placing a file called autorun.inf in the root directory. You could get an autostart CD and check how it is made. If you burn a cd, its the only thing you will need to do.. oh, i have an example here

    Well, this will be the contents of your autorun.inf. But if you mean a floopy disc, AFAIK it is notavailable. (never tried it, at least..). Nevertheless, if it doesn't work, you could use this lame workaround I thought now (ok, some minutes ago.):
    1) use a text editor to create a file named floppy.bat with these instructions:
    if exist a:\auto.bat goto :run
    start a:
    goto fim
    2) create a link in your desktop, named floppy or something like this. It will be a link to floppy.bat.
    3) add a auto.bat file with one line, which is the file you want to execute, and put it in the floppy.
    4) Now, if you click your neat floppy link, it will check for auto.bat in your floppy disc.. if it is there, it will run the file, otherwise, it opens the a:\ like you do using my computer.
    Well, if there's a way to do it playing with windows registry, I dunno. I hope this helps.

    Edited: bah, really lame is starting with [code] and ending with [/quote].

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