Gary Kasporav the #1 rated player in the world (2851)and the first to
achieve a rating of 2800(I am only rated 1900) is trying to redeem himself
after the humiliating defeat by the IBM computer Deep Blue a few years
ago. he is currently taking on the champion computer program Deep Junior.
The series is tied at 2.5-2.5 after Djr forced Kasporav into a perpetual
check today.(See to the for a replay of
the game )

Deep Junior is a multi-processor capable chess program that will run on
computers with one, two or more processors. The program divides the task
efficiently and its speed increases with the number of processors. Junior
profits from the experience and knowledge of leading grandmasters, like
Boris Alterman, who was Garry Kasparov´s second in the famed Internet game
against the rest of the world. During this game he was assisted by Deep
Junior running on a four-processor system. GM Alterman has also
contributed a giant openings book, optimized for Junior's playing style.
This is included on the CD. At the Brain Games qualifier (April 2001) Deep
Junior had the popular chess program Fritz on the ropes by going into a
5:0 lead in the 24-game match. Fritz had to work very hard to equalize in
the very last game, and then win the playoff. Experts all over the world
were deeply impressed by the ruthless attacking style that the Junior
displayed in this match. IM Hannu Wegner wrote: "The latest version of
Junior has clearly made tremendous progress in tactics and especially in
the execution of brilliant kingside attacks." Junior is the work of two
Israeli programmers, Amir Ban and ShayBushinsky. The program won the
Microcomputer World Championship in 1997 as well as the mammoth Cadaqués
2000 tournament of the world's leading programs. On average, the program
can look ahead about 14 moves, but it has some interesting features that
allow it factor intangible gain, and determine the value of taking the
initiative. This sounds a lot like rote learning, where these values are
learnt over time by combining and storing the result of a small look
ahead.I personaly believe that true AI will arise from programs like this
so it should be interesting for anyone interested in programming even if
they don't play chess.

The final game can be seen live
on Friday at 3:30pm EST (GMT-5)