DOS...C...VB? using telnet wifi and barcode readers
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Thread: DOS...C...VB? using telnet wifi and barcode readers

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    Talking DOS...C...VB? using telnet wifi and barcode readers

    I have symbol barcode scanners connecting to a Windows 2000 server via 802.11b
    When connected it will start a telnet session.

    The symbol runs DR Dos.

    I have to come up with a program that allows the user to enter a [part number], [part location] and [quantity]. The entered data can go into a database, text file, whatever.

    What is the best way to approach this one?

    I started out with a batch file and that works fine, but I found out that I don't know how to program very well....actually, at all...

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    Lightbulb more specific

    okey, here goes.

    I have the Symbol WSS-1040 up and running. I used the prog sendhex.exe to dump a program on the Symbol to get it to connect the the access point via wireless 802.11b.

    It then telnets to the server. The Symbol has a screen that is smaller than a 800x600 res, so I think you'd have to account for that. So after I telnet to the server, I can get to the directory on the server and run programs.

    The program that I want to run is a 'cycle count program'. This program will input 3 records into a file. This file could be a text file, database, or whatever. (I can inport it later). Also, there will be 15 scanners running at the same time. This is why I was thinking of using vb or c, because using a simple bat file redirecting to a file wouldn't work real well.

    So, on the scanner, I want the program to:

    1. say "Enter part number" and receive a part-num.
    2. say "Enter BIN location" and receive a bin#
    3. say "Enter quantity" and receive a quantity.

    then loop.

    then i need to learn AIX 4.3......

    (oh, the bonus of working here is that I work for a sex toy distributor )


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