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Thread: AO profiles weird question...

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    AO profiles weird question...


    I have a quick and weird question:

    Why many, many members haven't written some personal info in their profiles, like age, location, country, etc.? It's like being afraid of something...

    Well, just that, bye,


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    good morning -DR- (it's morning over here)

    i think a lot of people are scared to post too much information about them selves on the www these days, esp. a "security" site like this. i'm sure it's just everyone being afraid of some hacker stealing their ID? anyway- i filled out my profile with as much info that felt necessary... anyway- good question?

    -take it easy :-)
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Personally, I didn't fill out my info becuz I really don't think others care that much. If they really wanted to know, they'd ask!
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    Personally I think if you want people to have all your details you would have done so. If they donít they have every right to do so because we still have the right to privacy, and will most probably have a very valid reason. Once again I must stress the fact that we do not even have the right to question that.
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    What do you mean....i got a nice pic of me on my profile
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    Well -DaRK-RaiDeR-

    thats why you call yourself -DaRK-RaiDeR- and I call myself Dr_Evil.


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    What do you mean....i got a nice pic of me on my profile
    Well me too, huh
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    AO profiles weird question

    There is so much identity theft and hacking and cyberstalking and what not going on. I think it would be foolish to supply the world at large the ability to beat a path to your door. kind of like leaving your doors unlocked or walking with a large wad of money in your hands in the bad part of town. If you so desire you can always let some selected individuals have that information if you trust them. Auntie
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