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Thread: *moved* How do you earn points on this site?

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    How do you earn points on this site?

    I'm a newb (I'm shur you heard this before) pleaz help

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    you really should of read the Site FAQ on Anti Points before posting this.
    it has all the answers your looking for.
    also use the sites search feature you'll find a wealth of info
    Welcome to AO

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    Its all in the Newbies faq. I suggest you read it.

    In order to get points on AO, it depends on the quality of your posts. If you post something thats really interesting, or you give a good answer to someone in need of help, someone might give you positive points for that. If you post useless posts, or posts that are a waste then you might get negative points for it. Just a little tip from my side. Antipoints are not what AO is all about. This place is to learn, to help, to get help. Its not about who has the most or less points. Its about a personality that you create here on AO. Get along well with the rules, always be nice and post meaningful threads, that will get you far. Dont put the antipoints as your main priority. Its only decoration. Welcome to AO, im sure that the others agree with me when i say that we are eager to read good posts from you. Best of luck to you.

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    Points are assigned to each post anonymously by other AO members...
    Generally Positive AntiPoints are assigned for good posts, either informaive, or intelegent, etc... Negative antipoints are assigned to posts that people do not find useful or interesting. -the best way to approach the AntiPoint system (in my opinion) is "don't worry about it" if you keep your posts cool/clean then you will have nothing to worry, i esp. suggest this because i think not worrying about the APoints will make your AntiOnline.com experience much more enjoyable... And if you must assign antipoints, you should have a good reason...

    above all
    ::read first::post later::look smart::
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    read faq's and read tutorial by Ennis. Click on this link http://www.antionline.com/showthread...878#post570878

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    If we will explain him about APs then we should tell him ALL about APs (especially things the FAQs don't talk about it).

    It is true that generally you will receive positive APs for good posts and negative APs for bad posts. But that is just what the FAQs suggest to do. I'm saying this because maybe you will receive that unfair neggeing messages saying any types of insults from persons we don't know who they are, that are really ruining the APs system because that is not what JP made the AP system for. If they don't like your way of being or opining in AO then they will put you in their "black list" and you can consider yourself "hated" by them. If this happens, then my advice is to not give up, ingore them, and make more good quality threads and posts to compensate this unfair negging messages with the postive messages from that really good AO members that are the only ones that maintain this site alive, pleasant and balanced from that "hidden" members that seem to ruin all around them lately.

    Welcome and good luck here!!!


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    Yeah the points are not why we are here, we are here to share information. Basically the points are here to show people who are either friendly that have positive points, or people who are posting mean replies or threads of information that should not be on a site like this. But it's not like it's a game, who has the most points, etc... just remember it's for sharing information. Like tampabay420 said, as long as you keep your posts/threads clean and cool, nothing to worry about.

    Have fun, enjoy yourself, learn from others... Welcome to AO
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    Just what the above says hehe!
    Can't wait to hear your opinon on different info.
    Share whatever comes to mind, but keep it in line with AO ethics*grins and lights cig*
    have fun and enjoy yourself.

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    What AO'ers like:

    1. Familiarity and AO-correctiveness
    2. Tutorials (yer own of course)
    3. Well thought out and tongue-in-cheek reponses (but not too much) that are intelligent.
    4. Contributions (See MsMittens newsletter)
    5. Standing up for what you believe in. This is "iffy" cuz I have seen people get flamed on a belief, but that's what a board is about. To discuss and to agree/disagree/not care...

    These give you greenies.

    What AO'ers hate:

    1. Blatent and calculated stupidity
    2. "How do I hack" or "How do I use Sub7" questions
    3. Not searching and getting answers that are well known and asking somebody to do the work for you.
    4. Being a post wh0re (see JRoc's posts. He made 40+ in one day)
    5. Asking for warez or asking how get serials. If people do not know where it is, maybe they will actually do the right thing and BUY the software

    I hope this gives you an idea. Also, there is a lot of unwritten rules here, but just think before you post and you will be fine.

    Welcome to AntiOnline.


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    Guys this thread should also be in the "how do I or what is"forum if I am not mistaken.So make sure you post in the right forum as well!!

    Practise what you preach.

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