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    ok i dont think this falls into any other catigory so here.......


    some ones a sick man......... to do this to KDE........

    tisk tisk

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    some ones a sick man......... to do this to KDE........
    I have no idea why people are so hell-fire bent to make something so far detached from Windows BE Windows. The distribution http://www.lycoris.com/ makes an attempt to make Linux Windows-like. Or Lindows (what?). I understand people like ease of use and familarity, but I do not see Windows making any attempt to make Windows be like *NIX.

    Whatta laugh. I have said it before and I will say it again. If you wanna use Windows, use Windows. If you wanna use *NIX, use *NIX.


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    wouldn't the linux version that "acts" like windows be more stable? unless they included the blue screen of death that is.

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