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Thread: Screw Antionline

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    Screw Antionline

    Antionline give me a ****ing break. This site might have some constructive information on it but the preponderance of brainless ****ing drama between mindless kiddies that assume they know everything. This site is based on nothing more then egos and the antipoint system. I donít give a **** if you donít have the same opinion with me I donít give a **** if you imagine itís a dumb issue I donít give a **** if your human ego is too ****ing gigantic to comprehend that your judgment is nothing more then another piece of **** in a bulky smelly ass pile. Most you ****ing idiots think telling people to use deltree to learn how to hack is hilarious ****. Guess what idiot its not ****ing funny its just supplementary evidence that you donít give a **** concerning anybody but yourself. Ever ****ing think that the computer the kid is on that asked how to hack could be owned by someone with a much larger brain then yourself who keeps significant information there just lost it for your absurdity (AND YOU CALL THIS A SECURITY SITE GIVE ME A ****ING BREAK), no you just care about how many antipoints you can get by posting it on the site as if its ****ing inventive. Grow the **** up.

    Want to call me a protester or whiner for voicing my opinion? I know you will but you can only do that now that you have a place on this website that several may entitle as respected. To be respected on this site is just about as cool as being Richard Simmonís devotee. Half you egoist merely post **** up to get the antipoint system to work in your favor so that you can be the ďcoolestĒ individual on Antionline and its ****ing pathetic. Half the new people to this site that do ask good questions will get either negged for it or told to go look at google. This site is a ****ing joke anymore.

    People with adequate antipoints can voice whatever ****ing opinion they want against any user who isnít a mod or JP himself and be impervious in the long run but if you even sound like you disagree with someone with 12 green boxes and you have no where near as many antipoints as them then kiss you membership to this site bye, Doesnít matter how many useful threads you post there is always going to be more dickheads on this site trying to put you down rather then help you.

    An additional thing I must point out. I know many of you will agree with this but donít want to admit it. All you ****ers are more enthusiastic to help a female with a stupid question rather then a male with a stupid question because the brain in your penis tells you to. It is much easier for a female on this site to get what she needs rather then a male just because this site is has a very large male to female ratio. Go ahead and be insulted by this cause I donít give a **** itís my opinion and your going to hear it!

    Of course this thread will be closed because itís not what would be acceptable for this website but **** half these threads are POS anyway and if you want to call my stuff POS then hell I will call out the fact that half this site is ****.

    Have a nice ****ing day,

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    Give me a break. I highly recommend this book.

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    I feel a banning coming on... lol

    they never learn...


    Grow the **** up.
    You should take your own advise!
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    Clearly something has annoyed you here and I won't comment on the majority of your post as clearly it's not that constructive.

    However I would actually refute the "they'll help a girl" bit as a bit lame. When you sign up, there is little to stop you identifying yourself as female if you think it'd help. I am female and people have helped me. But that's not because I play on the "I'm a helpless female" line, I don't (because I'm not), but also because I'd rather people actually realised that I'm doing smart things so they don't underestimate me.

    Furthermore, I personally would have no qualms about slating any member of this site - however senior - if the posted something objectionable (which I have no doubt will be the result of your post as people read it), however I've found them to be jolly helpful so far (yes I am new, no I don't know the political background and quite honestly I don't care). I came here to get some advice, help and maybe a few sane voices in the wilderness.

    I'm sorry you feel this way, but I guess it's a short term problem because if you *really* believe it's that bad you'll not be a frequent caller.

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    What, are you like 13? This isn't a popularity contest. AP's are design'd to self-moderate the boards. Its not design'd to make you look 'cool' or not. If that's your idea of AP's, you need to get off your computer and get some fresh air. This isn't a group of people to try to impress, it's a community of people wanting to learn, and share information! Take a step back and look at it from a different point of view before you get all frustrated that some one has more anti points then you. It makes no difference what so ever.
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