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Thread: NEGG me or BANN me... i don't care...

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    NEGG me or BANN me... i don't care...


    "You can NEGG me or BANN me, i don't care anymore!!!"

    We all have seen this kind of phrases a lot here and they make me think about the following: How can the AP system dominate a person to the point that his/her firsts threads and posts were really kind and then suddenly you see an "angry" thread coming from the same person?

    When i saw a thread saying "bann me please" i go to this member profile and look for his/her firsts posts in AO and most of the time it says: "hi, i will help others, be sure of that..." like trying to be "good boys", but then, it seems the AP system makes them change to the point of being out of control choosing to write that kind of insulting threads insulting JP, this site, the members, the seniors, moderators and specially the whole AP system.

    How can the AP system (not a physical thing) "control the mind" (sort of) or mood sometimes making a good person posting that kind of threads?



    By the way, what did you think when you first read the title of this thread? hehe!!!

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    Well I think if you come here with good intentions, just unknowing about this and that and the workings on AO, and your first encounter with other members is that of a negative antipoint assignment... I think most people that just signed up will feel betrayed and humiliated. Noone likes that and because there are probably thousenths of other sites... Just flame and screem a little. You'd feel releaved, because it won't cost you really much time, and you get those disrespecting morons over here pissed. Then when yer really banned you can leave with a clean mind. You're AO life isover and you don't care. I you're just halfway banned... that's no fun, because you 1) could better signup for a new account 2) will have a REALLY hard time to ever get postive again. That's just life on AO and alot of people didn't like it. Go count how many of the 200,000 members are active.
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    I think that some people view APs as a way of acceptance into the community of AO. Almost everybody wants acceptance, and, for newbies especially, APs seem to be the mark of acceptance. When you first come here as a newbie and you see all those pretty little green dots under someone’s name, you know that is a person who has respect, and someone who has been accepted by the group.

    I know that APs are meant as a way to keep the threads somewhat self-moderating, and it serves to weed out those posts which are exceptionally good, or extremely poor. I think the reason a person's first posts differ so greatly from their final, "neg-me" posts is because when they first show up here they want to be accepted, but, for whatever reason, their APs don't coincide with the level of respect they want to attain.

    I don't think a lot of newbies can get over the fact that they will get negged for no reason at times. I sometimes wonder how many worthwhile, good members AO has lost because of petty AP issues.

    I don't know of any way to solve it. That's just the way it is. If someone can't get over the fact that everyone in the world doesn't love them, well I think they've got issues that go a little deeper than just a few bad APs.

    Oh yeah, did I forget to add...ban me if you want to! I don't care!!
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    Some people are petty, some people are cruel and some people are weak.

    Basicaly, people are people and will always remain that way......it's the quest for power that some people get hung up in...and when they meet a brick wall and start to sink down in the Neg's, they try to bring every one down with them.....and they fail....

    - Noia

    PS: I For one would keep comming back...No matter....coz I like it here....even though the colours suck :P
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    Good thread DaRK-RaiDeR people do seem to change i think it is beacause they feel as they are not benifiting from it and they decide to be trouble makers

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    Perhaps some people respond differently than other people, and this board fails to recognize that. I don't usually use profanity, but some situations elicit it. My triggers are different than yours, I think we should respect that people are different and continual use of vulgarities may require censure but we should accept true feelings and attempts at communication.

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    I don't understand why all the newbies get all uptight about points. I surfed AO for quite sometime before becoming a member, and read all the FAQ's I could get my mouse on.

    *A note to newbie's...Don't care about the greenies. . .and they will come."*

    I just post to help, and try to get some in return. Sure the greenie's are nice. But I've realized, just be human. Don't take sides, and listen to everyones opinion, and respect that they're
    just that.. . .opinions.

    BTW..Darkraider. . .I thought when I read the thread title, You'd finally snapped!
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    Its like this. New members sign up. They ask how to hack, they get banned. They sign up again, now knowing this is not a "pro Hacker' site. They make some 'nice threads' and posts, try and look as smart as they possibly can. Trying to behave, and trying to get some information. Then STILL when they are shot down, that pisses them off. Because ' they tried their best.' I get pissed when my best isnt enough. I am not exactly known for my extra long fuse. Hehe... People who fail, are generally more apt to have negative feelings, actions, and will try and cause others to fail. It all boils down to "misery loves company."

    And when I saw the title, I was hovering over the neg button as I read the post. Hehe. I was ready to neg man. I can't deny an Open Invitation to Neg. Heheh.
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    I think people get caught up in the poplularity of the AP system. They consider green's as a status symbol here on AO. When they get negged they feel as though the "in" crowd is taunting them. Some can take it, others can't. Part of the problem is that too often negs are given out for the wrong reason. It seems as though as soon as a post gets one neg, it gets many more following it. Not much different than school, where the people are like sheep, they follow the leader. As you mature you care a lot less about green's or the "status" that comes with them. You appreciate AO for what it is, not what AP's stand for.
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    lets face it if you want your points to be worth anything when you assign positive points you have to give out negative points and its pretty hard to find something that deservers negative points...and then theres the occasional new comer who dosn't bother to read the facts. for good or for bad this does tend to keep a certain structure to the forums

    and BTW the only reason i looked at this thread was out of concern. i like techtech thought you snapped.
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