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Thread: Gamers, could you tell me if this is true?...

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    Gamers, could you tell me if this is true?...


    Below i give you two images of Diablo 3 (in a zipped file). The first called "Diablo_3_logo" seems to be a good hoax but i'd like to ask you about the second one, the one called "Diablo_manual_page_77".

    So, does anyone of you has the Diablo 2 manual and can confirm me if it is real that in the upper middle part of the frame where Diablo, Mephisto and Baal are we can barely read DIABLO 3 ??? Some say that is a hidden message from Blizzard...



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    Bah, this is a hoax. I used to be big in to D2, so I unburied my manual and saw nothing, even under light. And that graphic is bogus too. Doesn't match anything from either manuals. Hope that shed some light. Peace.
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    I just checked out my manual and it's exactly the same as the scan, and if you're reaching, you can see something that appears to say 'Diablo 3' at the top. I don't really see the 'O' that defined in the picture. Maybe it was just something creative the artist had drawn...Definitely interesting though. Great find.

    And I don't know what you're talking about Evil Moo, but it's definitely the same in the manual.

    EDIT: Decided to take a confirmation scan of pages 76-77 and highlighted what is supposed to be the Diablo 3 part.

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