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Thread: *Moved*:: Hacking Rules ::

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    :: Hacking Rules ::

    :: Hacking Rules ::

    1. Never hack with the intension of irritating others.

    2. Bore it in mind that our intension of hacking is only to gain knowledge about computer systems and its workings.

    3. I dont support and suggest you to be a real hacker. Hack for fun and knowledge only. Never damage any system if you ever made yourself into a system.

    4. Share your knowledge with others. This is for your own good cause it will enhance your knowledge and skills.

    5. Try not to use Trojans and utility softwares for hacking unless you really need it.

    6. Never hack Government systems.

    7. Dont just only sit back and read manuals. To be a hacker you have to try all these things yourself. I suggest you instead of trying things exactly written in manuals, you first read it and gain enough concept about the execution of the manuals and then you do things your way.

    8. You should never have any pride on your hacking skills as this will led to your downfall and your skill level will stop right there.

    9. Learn programming languages like Visual Basic , C , C++ etc as this will help you in making your own softwares that you may need.

    10. Try improving other's works.

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    "a real hacker"
    i don't like the way you've the word hacker and i don't understand what you mean my "real".
    what i think you mean is "cracker". could you please clarify?

    just bugs me, don't mean to pick.

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    As I read this, I'm sort of torn as to whether or not Metal Duck realizes this is a security site or not. Also, I'm curious to know his definition of a hacker.

    Let me revise these rules to work...

    1. Gain as much knowledge as you can about computer systems, software, hardware...etc.
    2. Share your knowledge with others. This is for your own good cause it will enhance your knowledge and skills.
    3. Learn programming languages. It's not only fun to program but it can enhance your computer skills.
    4. Collecting Trojans and other virii is good for learning how they are carried out and how infections work within a system. Many people collect them for this reason.
    5. Read until your eyes bleed. You think you know enough? I guarantee there is someone out there that knows more and can do more than you.
    6. Don't come to a security forum claiming to be a hacker and write up a list of rules on hacking.

    Not to be rude or anything, but we're learning these things to protect our systems not to exploit others.

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    Metal Duck wrote:

    "Hack for fun and knowledge only. Never damage any system if you ever made yourself into a system. "

    So, basically what you are saying is you are the world's most proficient operator and you can get in and out of systems without leaving any damage or changing anything? You also claim it's good to improve "others' works". So basically what you are saying is, it's okay to break into systems, it's okay to F**k around with them. That sounds remarkably like criminal hacking - ie cracking to me.

    I guess it'd be okay in your eyes for me to break into your house, redecorate (because the colour was just *wrong*) then leave feeling smug that I'd made a difference?

    A moral code for crackers is an oxymoron.

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    I have a look in here .. and what i have seen ? This word "hacker" everywhere ... What does it mean ? Pretty funny some of us belive that the hackers are the people who brake into the sistems and make a lot of damage in there and leave ... If you are nameing your self hackers i want an answer : What do you create for the society .... And if you are creating something indeed for the society then you can call your self true hackers ! Everybody’s
    talking about the Internet, but nobody seems to be saying anything. It seems as if the
    facts of the Internet were written in a language that can only be decoded by the few
    people who already know all about the Internet. Those are the real hackers !
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    There is only 1 rule for hacking

    1)Unless you have permission to try, don't do it as it's illegail.


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    Metal duck....

    First of all, your definition of hacking rules is not what a real hacker is all about. Where do you get your source for that info??? A hacker is someone who creates, not destroys. A hacker does not harm systems (xcept the removal of his tracks in case of intrusion). Hackers are people who make things, like the internet. Hackers created the internet. Hackers created Unix. Hackers is a general term (not only computer related), but anyone who is a true "Artist" for any subject. What you have described is a nice ruleset that crackers should take notice of. Maybe another important point is that there are no rules for hackers. A hacker can do whatever he pleases, he follows no rules. He lets out his imagination, and with any achieved skills that he/she may posses hackers create wonderful things. Things that the normal narrow minded person cannot even imagine in their wildest dreams. Hackers are artists, that create any art, and make art better than common art. Art can be anything from painting, sculptures, programming, in short.....building anything that others have thought is not possible. So.........here on AO, people try to become real hackers....how this is meant is simple. An admin for example wants to know on AO how to secure his/her system. In order to secure any system, you have to understand the system, what it is, what it is not, what it can do, what it cant do, they have to explore their systems with great detail. While they explore their systems, they start creating rules for this system, rules that are in their minds, in their imagination. They try to setup their work the way they want it to be. The exploring, changing, settings, and all these features is another example of the term hacker. The art in this situation is for example, programming. They want their system todo something that does not exist yet, so they learn to programm, and programm what they need. They share their knowledge, their thoughts, their dreams here on AO, helping others understand how to explore. One very important thing that i have learned here on AO is not to always expect direct answers, or to give direct answers, but to motivate or be motivated on how to get the answers i seek. I call it "fishing". I have learned how to "fish" here on AO. Fishing includes learning how to use searchengines, howto read manuals, how to find the terms or manuals i need. So back to the example of the admin i said a bit earlier. If you just give them a direct answer, they are limited to that answer and cannot see the whole picture of the available possibilities. If they explore it themselves with great detail, alot of reading, alot of trying out, thats called "hacking". So hacking can also (in my own words) be described as "fishing" and preparing the "fish" the way they want it to be.

    Hacking is a very lot more than i have included in this short description, i still have very much to learn in every subject, so i will limit it to what i have written above. So i recomend you "hack" your way to some good reading and forget all about the term hacker. Be creative.....you want to accomplish something thats good (not evil) but dont know how, then post a thread with whatever is on your mind, and you will be surprised at what you can learn here. Learn to "fish".

    Good luck and Cheers
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    The rules above are very true and the term hacker should only be used by those who are wanna b's etc abuse this term claiming to be hackers, hackers dont use people's trojans they make there own!

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