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Thread: Snort With Razorback

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    Question Snort With Razorback

    I am just getting started in using snort and have chosen razorback as my gui. I am having a problem though.

    When it displays the alerts, instead of putting them horizontaly under the columns it lumbs everything under date/time and description. so each alert takes up 4 rows. under date time it lists the date and time on the first line, classifications on the second line, protocol on the third line, and details on the fourth line. under the description it just repeats itself 4 times. It should look like the pic below.

    I am sure it is something easy to fix but there is no instructions at all on razorbacks site or included with it. I even searched google to no avail.

    If someone has experience with this please help me out.

    Also if you reccomend any other simple gui's for viewing the alerts let me know. I looked at acid because my teacher recommended it but it requires to many other services to run. I just want something basic.

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    I've got no experience with Razorback, though it looks good and I may give it a try. I use SnortSnarf for my gui which I'm pretty darn happy with. It's pretty easy to set up too.

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