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Thread: WARNING! Your Account May Be Removed!

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    WARNING! Your Account May Be Removed!

    WARNING! Members of the AntiOnline Community, as a collective, have decided that you are becoming a pain in the ass. If your behavior is not altered for the better soon, your account will be automatically banned.

    Don't worry, you still have a chance to redeem yourself! Start posting useful threads. Help answer people's questions. Have you been flaming people? Stop! Have you been asking inappropriate questions like "How Can I Hack HotMail"? Stop! If our users see that you're making an effort to change your behavior for the better, your AntiPoint total will start to go back up, and this message will go away! However, if you continue to be a pain in the ass, your account will be removed by our AntiPoint System!

    Click here to learn more about the AntiPoints System and how users of our community rank one another.
    Click here to read the AntiOnline FAQ. It contains useful information about using our site, and about why our community members might not like you.


    What on earth have i done man Ao is wrong we see this happening all the time what is wrong with Ao ???

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    Is just a message, nothing more. Any member could have had it once. It remembers you that you have negative APs (below "cero" points so red dots) supposedly for the low quality of your posts (that is not necessary true lately). So if you take your APs to positive (above "cero" points or green dots) you will make the warning go away. You have two red dots now so maybe it could be a hard way... it's your choice.

    Good luck!!!


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    Let me try to be honest with you. I have read most of your posts. The information you have posted is of xtreme poor quality, and mostly totally wrong. For example, compare your tutorials with the tutorials written by others. Let me break it down a bit more clearly.

    1 - The topic of 1 of these tutorials is not a legit subject. (IP spoofing)

    2 - The way you described it, it has nothing todo with spoofing.

    3 - A tutorial thats only 3 lines long providing a link to a programm that has nothing todo with spoofing.

    I recomend you really try to put more quality in your posts. Try helping others with usefull information. If you have the feeling that you cannot help someone, then dont post. Write a tutorial only if you are aware of the subject, how it works, why todo certain things, information. Its not the amount of posts that you write, but the contents that matter. You still have very good chances on AO. Stop posting for a while, snoop through all the forums and see what people ask, what others reply. Read a few tutorials to get an idea of how a tutorial is supposed to look like. Take your time with your posts. There is no rush for anything. Remember, in order to learn "certain" things, you have to learn how it works, why it works the way it works, what it can do and what not. Your spoofing for example. Now you have learned that your tutorial has nothing todo with spoofing. So in order to learn spoofing, you should not start a thread asking how to spoof. You should start by learning tcp/ip. What is the 3 way hand shake. What is tcp, udp, icmp. Whats their difference, how are they used. Learn how to identify the headers in a packet. The 7 layers of IP. All this is essential to spoofing. On AO you will learn what these things are, but noone will ever give you an answer to "how to spoof". Once you have discovered the network enviroment, all the ip layers, the protocols, then the answer to spoofing will come by itself. The spoofing is only an example of the point im trying to make based on your poor tutorial. All this applies for anything. Another example. In order to "fool" a firewall, you would have to understand what a firewall is. So from the very beginning again, you need network knowledge, packets, protocols etc... You need to understand your OS and networking of by heart before even thinking of how to "fool" a firewall. Noone will tell you how to fool a firewall, but everyone will help you to learn networking, tcp/ip, protocols, server/client basics, ports etc.... Now before you go about asking questions, use the AO search feature to see what has been already posted. There are many interesting tutorials on AO with great detail. Start by learning the basics. Dont post useless posts, or questions regarding how to crack/hack/spoof etc.., and dont try to tell how to do these things. Learn how to use a search engine, man pages, tutorials, faq etc... Learn the basics.

    Like i said earlier, you have a chance of becoming a powerfull member to AO if you abide by the real meaning of AO. Stay low for a while, and just read.

    I hope to see something interesing from you one day here on AO. If you need help on a certain subject, then ask.

    Best of luck to you.

    Ubuntu-: Means in African : "Im too dumb to use Slackware"

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    You are a patient man, instronics
    Thread closed.

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