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Thread: *moved* C/C++ made easy

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    C/C++ made easy

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    Is there a certain program I need in order to write c++
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    Lord Optix. no you can write any program using a simple text editor like notepad. but in order to run or compile the program so you can use it, then you need a compiler. also, you can use the compiler to write your code in its own built in text editor
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    Lord Optix:

    For a compiler I reccomend DGPP for windows and plain 'ol cpp for *NIX =]

    A great editor with text highlighting for PHP, C, Cpp, Java, Javascript or SQL, is winsyntax

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    This may be a little off topic, but I thought the AO community might find this entertaining. I'm currently enrolled in a University programming course to learn C/C++. Out of all the software that they could let us use or require us to use, they chose Visual Studio.NET ($999.99). Hmmm, wonder what they have been talking about at the CIS meatings with Microsoft over the last few weeks. To make it even better, the class I took before this programming coure required that we use Excel and Access for our class projects. ($499.99)

    And they wonder why we have to bootleg.

    PS: Here are some really good tutorials for learning C/C++

    C Tutorial Link 1
    C Tutorial Link 2
    C Tutorial Link 3

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    Just thought I needed to rant. Is it just me, or does anyone else reading this thread feel that C++ sucks? Don't get me wrong, this whole object oriented thing sounds like a good idea, and can be fun to screw with sometimes, but is it really worth the bloated code? Maybe it's just me, (which wouldn't be odd; I'm the only 14 year old I know who ONLY writes in C and assembly for major stuff) but I don't really see the problem with sticking with procedural programming.
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    just finished doing a useless program in c++. this article led to some interesting links-thanks!!!
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