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    Talking The TCP/IP protocol Brief History

    First of all there is know rule that my tutorial has to be 900 words long so i would like to say the tutorial i am going to right will be very simple to understand if you dont like it go some where else:

    The TCP/IP protocol Brief History

    The TCP/IP protocol suite allows computers of all sizes, from many different computer vendors, running totally different operating systems, to communicate with each other. It is quite amazing because its use has far exceeded its original estimates. What started in the late 1960s as a government-financed research project into packet switching networks has, in the 1990s, turned into the most widely used form of networking between computerrs. It is an open system in that the protocol suite and many of its implementations are publicly available at little or no charge. It forms the basis for what is called the worldwide Internet, or the Internet, a wide area network (WAN) of more than one million computers that literally spans the globe.

    Also there is alot more than this about Tcp/Ip but it would take days to right it so this is just a brieft introduction to it.

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    TCP was first introduced in 1968, it had been developed at UCLA as part of a government project to facilitate communications in the event of a national disaster/nuclear war. It went through the DARPA net, ARPA net and finally the internet. When the internet came on the scene it became TCP/IP and the IP stands for Internet Protocol. The system was based on UNIX and windows systems needed many modification to become internet servers, that gave rise to Windows NT.

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