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    Question How to round off 0's in Excel ?

    Hello everyone,

    I need to know how to round off zeros in excel ?
    Suppose i have a value like 19.00, i dont want the .00 displayed.
    I know this sort of a question is totally unrelated to security, but it's an emergency.


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    i dont know if you are trying to do this in multiple fields but what you can do to just drop off the ending is to do this

    Number cell
    1 5
    2 14.22
    5 =trunc(A1+A2)

    Now in cell A5 it will show 19 instead of 19.22

    If you are trying to round the number use the same example but just put

    5 =round(A2, #of digits you want to round to)
    so =round(A2,2) would stay as 14.22
    =round(A2,0) would be 14
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    Format | Cells... | Decimal places: 0

    Alternatively, right-click the desired cells and choose the 'Format Cells...' from that menu.

    Yet, there should be buttons for increasing/decreasing decimals in the toolbar.
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    The Easy Way

    The easy way would be...

    right button click on 19.00 cell

    choose Format cells

    Click on number tab

    choose number

    and set the decimal places for the cell to 0

    Good Luck


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    Thank you everyone.
    Thread closed.

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