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Thread: Suggestion for AP system - Maybe this will stop the complaints

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    Suggestion for AP system - Maybe this will stop the complaints

    Hey Hey,

    I'm noticing a lot of complains about the AP system, or at least a lot of threads about it. And they always seem to be people wondering why they were negged or who's doing it, especially when they get some stupid message. Well here's my suggestion.... Don't let the AP system be anonymous... i always include HT at the end of my messages, and I've noticed several others do the same.. but usually people assigning negative APs.. especially the stupid ones refuse to identify themselves, because they know they're just being "idiots". So my suggestion is to have the AP system auto identify everyone who assigns you APs...

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    This has been discussed over and over already... and JP's final answer has always been 'No'. The AP-system is anonymous, and will remain anonymous.

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    I believe the idea behind Antipoints is that you can remain anonymous if you want so that, lets say I neg you in this thread because I think this topic is pointless. The AP system then tags my name on it and you see its me. Well you then decide you didnt deserve that so the next time I post a reply or start a thread you neg me just because. now we have started a war of neggin eachother. I think the way the system is set up now works if people arent stupid. People get negged for pointless threads. given sometimes they arent pointless or have no reason behind them, we have all gotten them (if not I have at least). but the one thing i have learned here is that the members truly appreciate a good Security/technology post and that is what gets you Positive APs. Whining about negs (not saying you are, but ppl in general) is what gets you more negs. just a thought
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