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Thread: Please Make Descriptive Thread Titles

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    Please Make Descriptive Thread Titles

    This is something I'm sure has been mentioned in the past but I don't think it would be a bad idea to point it out again as there are a lot of new people posting here.

    When you start a thread it would be very helpful if you made the title as descriptive as possible.

    For example, a thread title "Please I Need Help, Fast" is not very descriptive. This makes looking up information in the AO archives very tedious and time consuming. Maybe the people that responded to the thread had some very useful information. But, if I see a title like that in the list of posts returned to me in a search I probably won't look at it and may miss some very good information.

    So, just a thought, reminder, etc., to try to make thread titles as descriptive as possible. It will save everyone time in the long run.

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    That's pretty good advice...

    I remember clicking on the title to this thread expecting some kind of in-depth, deep debate and the thread itself was kinda pathetic......

    I guess it's a little like Advertising. If you can "sell" your thread with a catchy title you'll (obviously) get more views. More views= the chance of more +ive AntiPoints......Or something like that.....

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    well from the point of view of the person posting the thread, yes you can't go wrong with this idea actually, we need to remember that the site isnt all about getting +ve / -Ve AP's, the whole point of the site is to help people sort out their problems if they're appropriate to the site in the first place

    It's a very good point which from what i've seen in the forums could be taken onboard by quite a few people

    hope this has contributed at least a little to the discussion, plus on a tiny side note this is my first post using Lynx
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    i agree totally, yet sometime you have to step back. not only the fact that sometimes what you want to write cant fit into the title, but some posts you need to either have a mysterious title.

    for example, with an article of M$ Windows Xp bug that crashes word, you could have a title named Xp bug, whats with word??

    bad example i know but what i am trying to get at is you didnt really describe the article just named some key words. something that you should never do is this:

    Roll Call: Hey, im new!

    then start rambleing on about people who play starcraft and when they can play against him. that is bad and is true. i actually saw this on AO at one time.

    but you should have you topics short, not nessecarily descriptive but you need to point out your key points.
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