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    Text based browser!!

    While searching space today I found the tut about using Lynix. I don't know if
    anyone uses it but, I been trying 2 figure out how it works. Lynx
    A text based web browser from just playing it it looks kewl seeing everything on the a particlar
    page man U can't beat that. Just thought someone like to try it outLynix2.8.4

    just more geek stuff for your mind))

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    i often use it, especially if i don't have gui on the machine i happen to be using at the time.

    and another text-based browser, with a really similar name, links.

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    I use lynx all the time. It is awesome for- say - I find something that I really want to download to one of my *nix boxes at work, but it's a weekend. I open an SSH connection, then use lynx to pull it down. I install tons of software remotely using lynx. In my opinion, no linux distro is complete without it.

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    If you like lynx, you'll probably like W3M as well. It's also a text-based web browser, but I seem to like how they handle tables and the overall interface more than lynx.
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    I believe that Lynx is probably the most used text based browser for *nix. Personaly I love it and use it all the time for my Red Hat 7.3 machine. However if I want a file I usualy SSH to my RH7.3 box so that I can type commands and surf the web with graphics. Then when I find the file I copy the direct path to the file, type "wget file-path-here" into my SSH console (I use Putty) and BOOM I have it.
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    Lynx is nice. But it doesn't load a LOT of pages proplerly. That's not totally th browser's fault (the site designer is more at fault here). But I've seen it not be able to load some really basic pages.
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    elinks is the one for me !!

    A lot more advanced then lynx and even links

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    Lynx is an excellent choice for fast downloads, and in general fast page loading. The speed is awesome compared to any graphical browser. Especially the example provided by thread_killer is also a good example where lynx is awesome. I like it alot and use it often. But it also has negative sides. Many websites only allow certain browsers, you would get a message saying "in order to view this website, please download IE or netscape". Thats not the fault of lynx, but the website offering it. It works great for hotmail, yahoo mail too. Also do not forget that lynx also has its security bugs just like any other browser. So its by no means a "SAFE" browser, but then again, which browser really is "SAFE"?

    My opinion, lynks rocks.

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