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Thread: Phones that can shoot bullets???...

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    Phones that can shoot bullets???...


    Can you believe this?

    Note: the article is short so i will quote it all

    ROUEN, France -- French police said Friday they had seized two lethal mobile phones capable of shooting four bullets, with the digital touchpads used as triggers.

    The black phones, identical to normal mobile phones on the outside, were discovered in a raid on a suspected criminal's home Tuesday in the northern city of Rouen.

    The deadly phones come apart in the middle to reveal a four-chamber compartment for .22 caliber bullets, which can be shot out of a protruding fake antenna.

    "These would be lethal at 10 meters," said Michel Lavaud, head of a local police brigade.

    Police seized the telephones along with 1,000 ecstasy pills, heroin, cannabis and $25,000 in cash at the home of a man suspected of armed robberies and drug trafficking.

    Lavaud said police thought the weapons were of a kind believed to be made in Eastern Europe and to have appeared in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2001.
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    actually, from reading this i wouldnt be suprised. and soon i almost guarantee that the FBI and all those types of people will have them aswell as sidearm. no better way to conceal a weapon in something that 98% of the world have.
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    Excuse me, you've got a phone call .... Bang!!!

    Well guys, mobile phones are too big for shooting,

    Have a look at this...



    Do you want to write or shoot ?

    Thats the question.


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    Wink lol

    The pen is mightier than the sword

    I read about those "mobile" guns in the dutch papers about a year (or two) ago...

    LMFAO @ the Stinger Pengun 18 inch "Sniper" barrel

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    looks like James Bond got busted LOL

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    I guess from where Terrorists gets these great ideas from FILMS I think so..

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    Thats awesome!. pens that can shoot bullets whats next?

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    The **** is hard to detect.
    You can harm people with **** like this.

    Y'all techies !
    How hard to create ?

    If you smuggle it inside a plain or somewhere else where it should not be you could cause havoc. We have seen **** happen.

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