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Thread: Fake web stealing your personal data...

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    Fake web stealing your personal data...


    To have it in mind...

    It turns out that some folks using a web server in Germany are sending out fraudulent request for Earthlink Users to update their personal data. Oddly enough the SCAM web site located at www.earthlink-billings.com was alive and operating when I went to check it out at 10:30am EST

    A visit to the Earthlink support web shows that they are 'attempting' to warn their users of this Fraud but the link to their alert does not work ( dummies check your links ! what is the good of an alert if your users can't get to the alert !). It is hoped that the administrators of the German ISP at ip-exchange.de move a little quicker and shut down the fake web site that they are providing hosting services to...
    Source and more links to the site here



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    Sounds very simular to the e-bay scams.

    I\'m a SittingDuck, but the question is \"Is your web app a Sitting Duck?\"

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