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Thread: Malicious internet use is punishable by fine or imprisonment.

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    Malicious internet use is punishable by fine or imprisonment.

    A virus creator (Gobo to intimici) was recently caught and sent to jail for spreading three viruses.
    He got a two year sentance for spreading them, infecting a supposed (?) count of 27000 machines.

    Some of his friends started a Free Gobo campaign.

    Offcourse the resamblance with the free KM pops.in
    Kevin Mitnick was prisoned for four and a half years and spent somewhat like 8 months in solitary.

    Although the circumstances may be better for Gobo then they were for Kevin his friends are conviced Gobo has been victim off a witch hunt. They claim he has been sentenced to hard for the crime.

    Gobo was sentenced for spreading the following three virii.


    The spreading of the virii was a bad thing but a two year sentencing does not make you a better person.

    The person that spreaded the Anna Kournikova came from the netherlands (where I live) and got sentenced to 150 hours of community service.
    That is quite a difference for just some hundred miles away.

    What do y'all think ?
    How does your government deal with malicious internet users ?

    some news links on the story

    The Free Gobo site
    Free at last

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    The penalties for crimes are paosted in advance-you never see active drug dealers fighting mandatory minimums. If you want to screw around it is your responsibility to accept the responsibility for your actions. Bank robbers don't cry about doing 25 years before they are caught.
    Because in my past I drank a lot I got arrested a lot. The crimes were indictable and I can probably never work as an administrator or security unless I can get a company that is small and start with hardware and software. It's what I gotta do and though I am not happy about it the fault doesn't lay with the judge, the cops or my bartender(I haven't drank in a long while). Is it fair??? It doesn't matter- thats the price.
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    Well no0Dle, in the USA we've had a large number of bills that have been passed that are designed to tighten the grip around malicious attacks. A while ago the USA established certain types of acts that were passed by congress to decrease the threat of cyber-terrorism by enforcing a heavier punishment. One such act, The Cyber Security Enhancement Act, plays a role in this. It's a fairly old bill but I figured if you were interested... here's a link for some more info.


    The Cyber Security Enhancement Act of 2002 stiffens sentences for computer crimes, gives ISPs more leeway to report suspicious user activity to authorities, prohibits online advertisements of illegal monitoring devices, and establishes an office of science and technology within the Department of Justice.
    Though I don't think that "Gobo" (in the US) would have gotten life in prison for creating a virus, I bet he might of been subject to it if the virus infected the network of a hospital. Hence, he is technacally "endagering the life's of others." A possibility, but I thought that I'd just put my two cents in here. I hope I've given some insight as to what goes on here at least.

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    You are expected to obey the laws of the area in which you commit the crime. I am sure the young man from the United States didn't expect to be caned when he drew grafiti in Maylasia, but he was. The idea of punishment being meant to be punishment obviously is foreign to some people. You do the deed and if you are caught you should be ready to accept the punishment that goes along with it.

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