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    Post Default Passwords

    I found this list of default passwords for various routers/switches/ and everything else.
    Handy if you forget them or you lose the manual after a reset.

    Argh, Its to long to post.

    See Zip File.

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    if a company could just set default passwords like this, wouldnt that make this list a security risk?
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    thanxs, could come in handy.... if i ever have enough money for a router =P

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    Tha just shows you that you have to change your passwords, eh?

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    I agree, I don't think it's a security risk, I think it's good information for any company to know so they know to change their password. From the movie Hackers, we learned what passwords never to use, and now being admins we know of an even bigger list. So Thanks man, now we know what NOT to set the passwords as.
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    Unhappy Misunderstood.

    It seems I was sadly misunderstood when I posted this.

    I wanted to suply this information for 2 reasons.

    1. Incase anyone had lost the manual for equipment this is the default passwords (factory fitted)

    2. Incase anyone was using the default passwords and was unaware.

    I wanted to help. Not get negative points from people who don't seem to understand what default is.

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    I understan Mark, very useful, sometimes with all the equipment large company's have, when your resetting everything, it's hard to remember the freekin pw that came built into it when you have to start all over!

    thanks for the list buddy, It's already printed and ready to go to work to sit on the server!
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    This is cool stuff man.I liked it very much.It has negative as well as +ve points.But regarding positive, I think this is very useful when u lose ur passwd as happened to me.
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    Understand the term 'default' here, therefore this list could come in handy for admins.
    Got it saved , but I hope I'll never have to use it.

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