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Thread: News: Alldas Defaced

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    News: Alldas Defaced

    The Alldas.de Web site, which archives copies of Web pages that have been digitally defaced by online hoodlums, announced Monday that the founder of the site would be retiring and the site moving to a new domain. Read it here.
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    That is bad news but i guess life goes on, thanks for the link and information smirc keep me posted on the topic thanks!

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    Cool Defacement that was funny

    I remember on a certain day a whole pile of rather large web sites were defaced.

    I think it was something to do with our Kevin not gettin fed properly in prison.

    What was it.

    Oh Yes !

    "Give Kevin Brownies"

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    On Monday ???

    Right date, wrong year Date on the article is twelve months old !!

    By Robert Lemos
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    February 11, 2002, 5:35 PM PT

    I haven't seen Alldas around for a long long time..... have I missed something ?

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