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Thread: possitive win xp feedback

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    possitive win xp feedback

    I think Win XP Pro is the best OS from microsoft, for home use. I have been using it for a few months and I am quite happy with it, haven't had any crashes and everything is working fine.
    Since there only seems to be posts trashing microsoft's products so I thought I'd post something positive.
    I think this time MS really made an effort to create an OS combining NT/2000 stability with a bit more compatibility for games. Also I think it is a lot faster than 2000, I used to be running win 2k advanced server, and xp pro is a lot faster. Still MS has a long way to go, I have a dual boot system xp pro/ RH 8.0, and of course RH 8.0 is a lot better, my main point is that win xp was a good effort an its a good OS.

    any of you feel the same way???


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    Well, WinXP is definitely a step in the right direction as far as MS is concerned. It's really, really stable and the only real problem I've ever had with it is it not working too well with Norton Antivirus (even the 2003 edition has some issues). But that's as much a Symmantec issue as an MS one. However, WinXP security really sucks. I've lost count of the number of updates I've installed. So on that count, WinXP isn't a great OS. However, for a home PC, I'd reccomend it over any of the 9x products in a flash.
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    That's cool, yeah I hate Microsoft themself... but I agree that XP Pro is the best OS MS has come out with! Though I want to see M$ take their OS and be able to run it command line and still be hardcore like Linux. But yeah, got to give them some props at least. Good show!
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    not everything ms develops is bad. but ms has a little problem with their security as cgkanchi said. the problem is not that they don't develop patches, the problem is they wait too long until half the world knows about the security hole....
    they are looking too much for the money and developing patches is not cheap and costs a lot of work...
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    I also like XP. I think my biggest gripe is how HUGE the service packs are. I mean, come on now... if its not ready to be released on the market... its simple... don't release it!

    Other than that, with a high end system (new hardware >1ghz beefed w/lots-o-ram) it is a better OS than the previous ones. I have to say that 2k on the same level in my opinion, just without all the flashy GUI and media.

    I have had few problems with both of them and even easy for my lusers to work with.
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    I like WindowsXp ... But it has his bugs (big ones) i can say .... It could be beater ! A lot of people are using Xp .. why ? becouse :
    -design and
    It is the best OS from microsoft !
    johnnymier dont compare linux with windows ..
    RH 8.0, it is geting weirder. Linux starts to look like and manage processes like windows and i dont like it ! I dont like RH 8.0 i would use SuSe or Debian more like it ! Ok you have a point johnnymier Xp is the best OS ...
    That is all

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    Symantec's norton 2003 makes windows stall on startup.<---(my experience) Personally i think that windows xp pro is nice although i have heard some rumors that pro has more bugs than the home edition. (just a rumor) one thing i dont recommend for any kind of xp version is Norton Firewall 2003, the program blocks too many ports and it really slows down internet connections, plus the program has a warning pop up every time u wanna use telnet or any type of internet accessing device (excluding internet programs like explorer). Other than that i like nortons over all appearance and performance with windows xp.
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