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Thread: Windows XP IP ID Generation

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    Question Windows XP IP ID Generation

    I was reading this (cool stuff), they have some really cool 3d (well, not really) graphs that give you a unusual perspective on IP ID generation for a bunch of diff OSes.

    Unfortunately, they had no info on XP, and i was wondering if any of you know if M$ has changed the IP ID alogoritim since NT4 (with SP). Just curious.

    Btw, anyone know of a program to do graphing like this? i would write one myself, but the only language I am proficient in is Perl, which would not be a good language for something like that.

    Oh well, time for me to learn C anyways.

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    There are tons of good graphing programs. The difficult part is to get the data into a usable format. Excel has some good graphing features, but it's somwhat limited in extras. My favorite (though, in my experience, one of the most difficult to use) program is SPSS Science SigmaPlot. If you want something to graph data *very* easily, check out MINITAB. You can't get any easier than that program.

    Edit: By the way, as far as I know, you need 3rd party packages to generate such graphs in Excel. They can be generated automatically by SigmaPlot, though, as I said, getting the data will be a little difficult. Also, if you do so in SigmaPlot, you have a number of options which will allow you to customize dimensions, colors, etc.


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    GNU Octave is a good freeware numerical analysis tool, although it is a programming language that you'd have to learn. You can implement C/C++, Fortran or others with it. It's mostly compatible with MATLAB if you've ever used that.
    Check out http://www.octave.org/
    Good luck!
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    Yes, Algaen, MATLAB is really cool! I haven't ever used Sigma Plot, advden, but it looks like a lot of fun!! Nice site!


    MATLAB info

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    Matlab looks perty nice.. probably be worth my effort learning the MATLAB lang. Thanks everybody...

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