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Thread: Great Linux Book

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    Thumbs up Great Linux Book

    Hope is isnt old news for most of you but...

    This is a excellent linux book (published, but the author put it online) that explains everything in an easy to understand way, going deep enough into various subjects that you're not constantly searching for more, while still not getting a Linux newbie lost in confusion.

    It also has really great explanations of IP, DNS, and other networking concepts.

    Great for use as a reference for us unedumacated linux users too.

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    Hey that's an awesome book. It covers so much. Thanks isimbor for posting that link.
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    Thanks for the post, i just recently started experimenting with linux and was looking for something to reference other than the $49.99 books available for premium at the bookstore. Also, anyone interested in downloading a lot of the common linux distrubutions go here.
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    Nice post isimbor,

    You got some good timing sense I just got Red Hat Linux 8.0 and I'm trying to read all that I can fit in this head of mine.

    Also isimbor, if your looking for some further reading on the topic of "Linux" may I suggest this link here...


    I posted this in a thread awhile ago but I figured that in the plethora of search results you might get with just typing in "Learn Linux" in google (as I did) I figured I'd save you the struggle, if you were so inclined heh heh.

    Also, and I almost forgot...
    isimbor and neta1o,
    welcome to AO.

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    wow a great book. but i can't download i don't know why..
    i will try next..

    and try this http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/
    i like this site.

    have fun


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    What's the name of the book? The link is outdated...

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    Thanx a lot, found it to be very usefull indeed!

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    Biju...word of advice, try not to post to OLD topics....and man this one is OLD.

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