i have occasionally read Antionline since it appeared a few years back, so i decided to join to meet some fellow geeks and to help me eventually become an uber-geek. so hello all. first, an introduction--

i'm a PhD student in computer engineering at an unnamed top-5 engineering school. i got an undergraduate degree in computer engineering with a minor in math from the University of Florida. unlike most of you i am a hardware guy, not a software guy. i primarily do research in the area of microarchitecture and embedded systems. i am a hacker of C/C++/java code though i have only a medium level of experience in network security issues. For the hardware-oriented, i have lots of experience with VHDL and Verilog. i have done some research into cryptography and cryptanalysis from the hardware side.

if any of this interests you, feel free to contact me about it. i look forward to learning what i can from fellow members and sharing my knowledge.