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    Adultery hazardous to your health

    Called by prosecutors as a rebuttal witness in the murder trial, Junco testified he saw Clara Harris' face as she sped toward David Harris, who was standing in the parking lot with his mistress.

    "She was pissed off," he said.

    After running him down, however, she struggled out her car and knelt beside him, crying, "Oh, David, oh, David, what have I done?" Junco said.

    I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh.
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    That's why I do not cheat. You never know what a woman can do to a man.

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    "Hell hath no fury than that of a woman scorned."

    And remember, redheads are just violent freaks........I just threw that last bit in for fun.
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    I think he was lucky she killed him, the alternatives are so much worse........


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    I think he was lucky she killed him, the alternatives are so much worse........

    Now that's some scary **** The guy got what he deserved! Cheating never works, and every cheating incident I have ever seen the person is always caught and usually at the worst moment.

    A good line was from "Eddie Murphy Raw": "Yes, I ****ed her. Yes, we ****ed.... I make love to you..."

    good link Rachel


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    The whole situation is just sad. Not only did he lose his life, she has ruined hers. I've met a lot of folks in my day, and not one of them has been worth going to prison (or the gas chamber for that matter) over. She evidently had enough evidence to divorce him and probably take half of everything he had, making him suffer for his infidelity. Now SHE'S the one who is suffering because of her actions. Homicide is RARELY justifiable, especially in a situation like this.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    human nature

    It happened because of a lack of communication and trust and probably love. It's sad whenever you see a relationship built on anything else. Nobdy got what they deserved in that situation but just maybe they got what they had coming....
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