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Thread: Liquidation - MUST GO!

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    Liquidation - MUST GO THIS WEEK!

    Greetings All:

    The stuff that's left on this list HAS TO GO by the end of this week. We're moving out of the office on the 28. So, make your offers, and get a steal!

    (Be rest assured, nothing is all banged up or fugly looking, and it's all in perfect working order):

    * Ultra Sun Enterprise 450 2X400mhz processors/1GB ram/4x9GB drives/CD/PGx64 Card w/Video Adapter / 17" color mon /solaris 8 cds + books/ nifty sun mouse pad (heh) etc. etc.

    * KeyGhost Hardware Keylogger (plugs in between computer and keyboard; up to 2million keystrokes)

    * APC Smart-Ups 1000 rackmount

    * APC Smart-Ups 700 rackmount

    * Redhill Networks Webmux Load Balancer

    * Netgear 24 port 10/100 Switch (FS524)

    * 24 Port Hub (HPJ3303A)

    * 2 Dell PowerEdge 2200s (dual 333 p2 processor units, 256mg, 9 gig scsci, ethernet, modem)

    * 2 17" monitors (32bit at 1024x768)

    Wireless Gear

    Wireless Gear Update (here's what's left - updated 2/15/ 7pm est):

    2 Orinoco Central Outdoor Routers (COR-1100 WLS Outdoor RTR)
    1 Orinoco Remote Outdoor Router (ROR-1000 WLS Outdoor RTR)
    8 Orinoco Gold Cards (ORiNOCO IEEE Wireless World PC Card 11Mbps Gold)
    3 PCI PCMCIA Adapters
    5 USB Clients (Orinoco USB client gold 128 bit)
    1 directional yagi (14 dBi Directional Antenna)
    1 directional antenna (12 dBi Directional Wide Angle Antenna)
    1 omnidirectional antenna (10 dBi Omni Directional Base Station Antenna)
    5 Client-Side Range Extender Antennas
    2 20' low-loss cables (20 Foot Low Loss Antenna Cable Standard-N)
    2 75' low-loss cables (75 Foot Low Loss Antenna Cable Standard-N)

    From JP's Hacker Memorabilia Collection

    * Every 2600 magazine ever published sold

    * Every 2600 "Off The Hook" radio broadcast on cd (published by 2600) from 1988-1997

    * 11 mint editions of the Russian "Haker" hacker magazine.

    * 4 cd collection of "hacker tools" titles: Hackers Toolkit volumes 1 and 2, Master Hacker, Hacker's Handbook,

    Parts & Other Misc Stuff:

    * 2 U.are.U fingerprint recongition units from Digital Persona (usb)

    * Canon CanoScan N122OU (color scanner, usb)

    * 8 port linksys hub

    * Box of 13 black t-shirts that read "Stop Laughing ... Computers Are Cool Now" (misc. sizes)

    * Box of 5 surge protectors (the nice kind that were originally $35 each).


    * Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Professional Edition (CDs + License + in Box)

    * Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Software & license (upgrade w 5 client pack). Will throw in a Windows NT Server CD & license as well, if you don't have it, so the upgrade cd is legal.

    * 7 Windows 2000 Professional CDs + licenses (these are those "for distrib. with new dells only" things. dells ended up with different OS on them, so these were never used).

    * Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition (in box, with books, cd + license, bought for an intern working here, was never used).

    AntiOnline Memorabilia

    * I have actually had several people e-mail me asking for one of my old business cards now. So, if you shoot me off your address, I'll be happy to send you one (for free, of course).


    If I listed an item as "box of", that means I will only sell them as a group, and not piece-by-piece. Everything else can be split up. Thanks.

    User pays shipping (your choice as to how) on top of the offer, so keep that in mind when making your offer......

    Payment via wire transfer, paypal or check (Check has to clear first. I prefer Paypal).

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    Man do I wish I had some money right now..... this is like a Candy store for computers, and it's a cheap one too!!!

    - Noia
    With all the subtlety of an artillery barrage / Follow blindly, for the true path is sketchy at best. .:Bring OS X to x86!:.
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    Sad to hear THE Brain behind AO is not owning the site anymore... but... if the site lives , we all can keep on living... 'cause being AO-er is (i think) or has become a little bit a way of live.

    Come and check out our wargame-site @ http://www.rootcontest.org
    We chat @ irc.smdc-network.org #lobby

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    Greetings All:

    We can start a "it's sad you don't own it anymore" thread somewhere else (haha). Let's keep this thread on-topic with questions about hardware that we have laying around.


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    damn it JP, I want the PIX. get yer butt back in irc so we can talk.
    Antionline in a nutshell
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    J.P. It's been fun I wish you lot's of luck my dad and I (thor) have been with AO for a long time, so good luck again you and all the Ao comm. You have taught me alot about computers and myself.
    Jeeper33 & thor(He's my son but I agree with what is saying thor)
    Thanks JP

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    Hey JP.
    I'm going to give the link of this post to my computer club because we're always looking for new hardware (we're an odd computer club, not your average lol).

    Thanks for the offer and sad about you selling the company.
    To be God is to be Root, if someone is erking you just type: rm -d /home/heathen

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    JP, you said something about parts... perhaps you have a conversion cable from d-sub video (svga) to the SGI type of video (13W3)? I need this cause I have a damaged SGI monitor that I want to replace with a simple monitor. So I need a cable not only having the d-sub and 13W3 connector each on a side. But a cable that really makes a conversion from one type to the other if that exists. Cause some SGI boxes use other video sync methods than pc's.
    So if you have that particular part... otherwise I search for other possibilities, it's not a number one priority, but you never know.

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    damn im shitting myself now. i want ur Ultra Sun Enterprise box.. but i dont have da money..

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    maybe us AO members could join together to get the real expensive parts?
    or i could just get another job =P

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