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Thread: Unreal Security Risk

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    Unreal Security Risk

    All the gamers out there thought that they were safe playing their games online? Think again!

    Read the whole article here .
    "These bugs have been around for five years," he says. "They could be used by malicious attackers in worms or large-scale attacks that rival those of Nimda and Sapphire/Slammer... Really frightful."

    But this latest set of vulnerabilities actually stem from the Unreal Engine, the core software code that is licensed out to other developers to power the action and graphics of their own games.

    Danger on your disk

    Some of the more popular computer games that PivX claims are affected by
    the Unreal Engine flaw include:

    "Star Trek: The Next Generation: Klingon Honor Guard"
    "The Wheel of Time"
    "Deus Ex"
    "Mobile Forces"
    "Unreal Tournament"
    "Hired Guns"
    "Navy Seals"
    "TNN Outdoor Pro Hunter"
    "X-Com: Alliance"
    "Adventure Pinball"
    "America's Army"
    "Unreal Tournament 2003"
    There is currently no fix... so either don't play, or you will be at risk!
    I'm curious as to how many people this actually affects!
    I have two of the games, but I rarely play online...
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    DAMN!! lol, i know this isn't much of a post, but i just had to express my shock and dismay.
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    wow, kinda spooky. I've got three of em, and do play online. . spooky, really spooky

    They need to get a fix out. . .and get it out NOW!
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