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    AIM Program

    Does anyone know a set of AIM tools with punter, bots, etc. that would work with the most current version of the program? (5.0 I think it is or something like that) I see plenty in the downloads section but I can't find one that works.

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    <sigh> Punter, eh? Don't you have anything better to do with your time? look, i know you're just an aol user and all, but you think you could do me a favor and stay away from the proggies for a while? why dont you visit the AO Text-archive instead? ok?
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    As a matter of fact, I did find some codes for cloning IM, freezing chatters, and punting chatters on AIM. Unfortunately though, I totally forgot what the link was.
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    I guess you have to do the hard work yourself Goldstar.
    By my estimates, there are only about 250,000 possible links related to AIM, if you start now, you may find it within the next 35 years.
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