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    Question Disaster Recovery <=> Business Continuity

    Ok - I need to tap into the giant brains out here.

    I am writing up a lit review for my thesis on disaster recovery. What I found out is that there is disaster recovery planning and then there is business continuity planning. What I am not finding are the exact differences between the two, or if these two theories of thought are one in the same. I am off to keep researching, but just wanted to get your valued input.

    I am also finding out that, at least for the US, as time had progressed since 9.11, companies who were gung-ho about this type of planning have been really dropping off and moving the resources elsewhere.

    Anyway thanks in advance!

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    Disaster Recovery is to cater for - a single event which might have a catastophic effect on IT systems. Business continuity planning, on the other hand, is about all aspects of keeping Business functioning; so it will include Disaster Recovery as well as other considerations such as non-critical failures.

    Here is a link for you to look at too http://www.vistastor.com/briefs/difference.pdf

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    Thanks much! I also found s'more on the 'Net. I also found a slew of books that are priced like college books - $$$! I will publish my findings once I have the ok from my advisor on this project.

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