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Thread: E-mail from Blizzard about Diablo 3...

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    E-mail from Blizzard about Diablo 3...


    Incredibly i got a response from Blizzard!!!
    For the ones of you interested this is the e-mails i sent and received from Blizzard:


    Just a quick question looking for a quick answer (although i think many persons may have asked it already).

    Will you make or are you making DIABLO III?


    Uruguay - South America


    There have been no announcements yet of plans for another Diablo title. For information regarding future releases, please check in at http://www.blizzard.com. This is the best place to get information as it becomes available.

    John Hsieh
    Technical Support
    Blizzard Entertainment
    Not good news then, bye,


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    Personaly I dont mind that at all. I used to love and play Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo II Expansion Pack. Soon after getting the Expansion Pack I discovered that I was bored out of my mind and to me it was a useless game. This is the only thing that you do..


    For hours on end just clicking on moving targets. Not really fun for me. :\

    But for people who do like Diablo I do sympothize and I'm sorry to hear that you wont get another release (well, atleast that's what they're saying). lol I wouldn't be surprised if they have that same response in a .txt file that they copy and paste a lot. ;-)
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    Yeah, Diablo is certainly a game for when you're in a certain mindset ..

    Regardless, dont read into this too much, they currently have Starcraft: Ghost, Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, and World of Warcraft in development. At the quality levels that they seem to be eternally bound to, this is quite a lot to keep ahold of. Be patient

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    My Mail (Long Time Ago)

    I remember e-mailing Blizzard recomendations via snail mail. This was for Starcraft, but I got a letter back saying that they don't take unsolicitated recomendations or something. They basicly said "It looks like you want us to make this game, so we won't" to cover themselves legally. I was making a Trigger Recomendation because I saw how everything except for one trigger action had an appropriate condition. So, I just e-mailed someone in one of the various StarCraft Communities, and my idea was quickly taken in. If I can dig out the letter that I sent them, I'll add it here... I haven't had anything to do with SC/Diablo in so long that it took me a second to figure out who Blizzard was, lol...


    <edit> I found the file on one of my various backup CDs. Well, I edited it, and saved it as a .txt file. It was for a school project to see what actions would result from our formal letters. Mine was just sent back, but a friend of mine's got the schools to change their lunch menus...

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