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    College made easy - Prewritten essays

    my first thought when I seen this website? -- a day late and a dollar short.
    Of course, I already did my time..sitting in obxnoxiously oudated college libraries and nasty old coffee shops until the crack of dawn struggling for a single thought, let alone an entire essay/paper. And along comes this website..with a little loot and some clicking, *poof*, instant essay. It kind of makes me feel like an idiot for wasting all that time. So apparently, plagarism has loopholes as well. I'll be damned.
    Well, check it out - CheatHouse
    What do you think?
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    I think it's scary to think your lawyer, brain surgeon or teacher xeroxed his way through college. It reminds me of those fake degrees you get for $39.95...

    What has the world come to?!


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    I mean, call me old fashioned, but isn't the point of writing an essay to learn something? Or, at least to better develop your writing skills? I'm a college student right now, and with all my homework, papers, and projects, having a site where I could go to download a paper sounds great, but I won't do it, because I'm in college to learn; not only about things in my major, but about things that will benefit me later in life. The ability to express yourself concisely, aptly, and completely in written form is a skill I know will help me in the future. Plus, writing papers exercises my critical thinking skills, and helps me learn to think on my own. There is going to come a point in your life where you are going to have to do a report, paper, or project on a topic where you won't have someone else to do it for you. What are you going to do then? I know I'll be a lot more likely to succeed in something like that than someone who has never had to formulate an original thought more complex than which website to plagiarize their paper from this time.

    Plus, there are numerous sites on the Internet devoted to helping teachers find plagiarized materials in which the teacher submits a student's essay which is then compared to text databases containing nearly all written books and papers. And how much do you want to bet the papers you download are in there too? Is it worth failing a class or getting expelled just to save yourself 2 hours of writing time?
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    A cheat learns to mistrust because he/she learns that actions cannot be trusted. They cheat themselves because they fail to learn the lesson. It is a total loss situation.

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    I am currently enrolled in college and I've heard about these types of webpages for a number of years. A lot of them you can get a paper free if you submit a paper. Although, almost all of the modern/upper-scale universities have programs in their plagiarism department that they enter content rich sentences or paragraghs into the system and it searches through known books and online essays for matches.

    Also, its usually hard to find a paper that 100% suits the assignments needs on the web. Most teachers currently make assignments very specific to prevent the use of these types of resources.
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    As neta1o said there are programs that most teachers use these days that find out if you're plagarizing. Also it's easy for a good teacher to figure out if you're cheating or not, most everyone has a very specific writing style and they can usualy tell if you've strayed from it or not. Also while I do tend to slack in school so that I can diddle and daddle with my computers I do understand the importance in it (it being school/homework). It is a required part of the lesson proccess that works. So why not do something that works? If you are bleeding you aren't going to try to drink all the blood that's coming out when you could just put a bandage on it and be done with it. Aka don't fix something that isn't broken.

    I do see the want for people to cheat, I mean a lot of kids opt not to read the books in English class and just go to sparknotes.com or something to read the sumarized versions. Ok I usualy hate school books myself but I am an avid reader and I hate these sites. They take away so much from the book, even if there isn't anything to take away in the first place.

    It's school, you have to do it, so why not just work hard and do good at it? Cheating will get you no where FAST.

    All this coming from a procrastinating highschool freshmen who gets average grades when I could get better is rather odd, but hey, mind and body aren't always alike.
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    this is easy to avoid. just major in engineering. i haven't written a paper like the ones available on this site since i was a freshman undergrad. in engineering classes, you write papers that are more difficult to plagiarize and you generally must provide some physical work to back up your paper. in engineering grad school, plagiarizing is impossible. the professor knows the research field, you must provide your code/work, and i don't think any of the writers on this site has nearly the credentials necessary to write intelligently about advanced subjects. just search for the string "cryptography" and you get a bunch of essays on public policy. so at least you know for sure that the people who are fabricating your microprocessors and designing your automobile embedded microcontrollers didn't cheat their way through school.

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    i agree that the point of writing your own papers is to learn about the material i enjoy writing papers in topics becasue it allows me to do my own research and thus come up wiht my own standing on the subject ...not someone elses if you wait till the last minute to do your paper and are forced to cheat on it .. mabye you just shoudnt be in that class cause it dosent intrest you enought to learn

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