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Thread: Every mans dream job

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    Every mans dream job

    A Brit firm thinks they’ve figured out how to get Uni students off their couches – pay them to get into bed.

    Condomi are planning to pay students £100 a term to test their bed side lamps.

    Only joking, you think a firm called Condomi would make bed side lamps?

    The condom manufacturers have been filling airwaves of student radios with ads for their schemes starting last Friday.

    The criteria for being signed up is that you have to be in a relationship already, but sexuality doesn’t matter.
    Chief Condom Tester.....has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

    original article found here.

    I no longer think I live in the greatest country on earth.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    I don't think I would want to use a condom by a company branching out to making bed lamps. . I dunno, just sounds kinda wrong.
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    ha ha ha

    HA! HA ! ha!


    This is really funny.Perhaps you should have posted it in the humour section.
    Guess Brit students will do anything for money........

    Remember this :-


    Well looks like the students are really desperate.

    Perhaps its a marketing tactics to advertise their condom.


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    <quote> " The criteria for being signed up is that you have to be in a relationship already, but sexuality doesn’t matter." </quote>

    Is that true? What about a lesbian relationship? How would they test a condom? Ah sexuality does matter. Just a quick technicality for humor sake.
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    Hey all,

    For the sake of it I think I better mention. Remember that femidom type thing they introduced and wanted people to test.

    well anyway I have a baby mark_boyle2002 now.

    30 seconds pleasure, a few free femidoms a life time of regret

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