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    Lightbulb The HOAX TUTORIAL

    [gloworange]The HOAX[/gloworange]

    It has been being for some time that they circulate some mails that sustain that a dangerous virus wanders in our computers....
    it is represented by a small icon inside Windows.....
    I believe that the moment has come to clarify what the HOAX are and as is possible to avoid damages to ourselves and the other users....

    This article doesn't want to absolutely face the world of the untoris telematic, delineating dark figures of employees that send the false screen saver to the manager or in love chronic that send lethal scripts to the beautiful one that has rejected them; or, still worse, the professional untoris that makes resentful codes in the darkness of his room and so on.
    But to speak of the standard user that more standard he is not able, that makes himself vector of virus of various kind.
    These users, are in fact, become rapid and essential vehicle of the most greater part of the viruses, being theirs the environment where they exchange more easily (and probably for the most greater part) file and messages of every kind.

    The mother of the Hoax

    We can individualize different types of virus and different ways of send them.
    it is interesting to focus himself/herself/themselves on what properly is not a virus, but that you/he/she can change from annoying source nuisance of big uneasiness or the Bufala (in Italian) or Hoax that to tell him wants, and it is surely the "computer virus to human contagion" more typical.
    The Hoax, in fact, don't spread for proper motion, obviously, but they ask for a very active share or someone who believe it and forwards them.
    it is not for the most part even necessary to believe indeed us: all it takes is thinking " even me I send around her for safety."

    The list of the turned Bufale on the web from the times when the electronic mail has started to take seriously foot is enormous, and there is various categories of bufale each of which it asks for a particular attention.

    Those physician / social, the most delicate, consist in generic appeals for the harvest deep for various causes edifying, as well as specific appeals for harvests of bony marrow or medical information on rare illnesses. In this case, as for all the others, a rapids search in the web for key word (the name of the involved person, of the illness or of the association) it will serve to disperse every doubt: if it deals with a bufala, a web site will certainly be found that discloses it.

    ATTENTION: the appeals for the search of donors or information on illnesses are almost never bufale. But it is important to check the date of the message: to forward an expired appeal, over that to be useless, can bring also trouble to people that could have seen resolved the problem, or, ill-omenedly, immediately to have an inauspicious result of it.

    From the Bovine one to the legend

    There are then the legendary bufale.
    Let's grant us to call her so, because other cannot be said any nature of certain messages, that, they flow in the urban legend, they warn against substances of daily use or they offer rewards of a certain value to whom completes you determine actions.

    Among these they are remembered various masses to the proclamation of alimentary dyes and for shampoo to absolutely spread in name of the public health, a check that Bill Gates (in person?) it would send to who forwards the announcement of the new beta of IE, cellulars in gift to whom, equally, does it forward mails madly, done propose of sales facing multilevel to make to earn million of in little time or kind Nigerian gentlemen that ask to help them to decontrol their huge patrimony from the claws of avid banks, dividing then the result.
    We arrive therefore to the False Viruses, or, notices of nonexistent virus that viruses are done themselves also creating serious uneasiness.
    Here we can individualize also various categories, among which the series of the "messages entitled in a certain way contain a virus" and " the program X or the file Y contain a virus." In the best of the cases we cancel a screensaver or a message of wishes, in the worse one a file of system or a mail of job. Already because among the stigmatized files as virus we find jabgmgr.exe, a harmless and profit file of system from the nice icon of teddy bear and sulfnbk.exe, from the most anxious icon but as many harmless. And the titles of the mails "you incriminate" by now have made history: JOIN THE CREW, DEEYENDA; GOOD TIMES, and so on.

    When the wolf there is indeed

    The human being he doesn't make only vehicle of bufale, but also of real and lethal virus. All the TROJANs of last generation are nearly programmed for sending him to the whole list of contacts email of the infected one. Without counting that the most recent make to appear as sender an any address of the list, frustrating the possibility to go up again to the infected one. But here we are to the limit of the awareness: the lack, in this case, is it that not to provide him of an adjourned antivirus, or to use programs of mail electronics subject to Bug that are made particularly vulnerabilities to similar attacks (you have present Outlook?).

    Bad Companies

    It can be done the same discourse, in general for the files in exchange and sharing, through Irc or to disposition in the various P2Ps.
    The nature of Irc is lent exchange to an easy and express, not only of opinions, but also of file: the brushwood knows well that channels, diffused for it passes word, where through determined commands you can be accessed to a list of file and unload them. Needless to say that an infected file deposited here would do so much more slaughter how much more his is desirable "guest." But also a simple Dcc can cause big troubles, above all if used for transmitting an unpleasant script or one of the various files that Windows autoruns (and usually nothing good!).
    Without counting the cases that flow in the social engineering, in which the lamer of turn convinces him that a friend is about to furnish a precious tool of nuking or other misdoing. it is ugly to say " it is well him", certain.
    You are enough instead to say that it is not the case to accept codes from the strangers (even if certain codes it would be to never use well them!!!!).
    Neither to pass them file. ini with his own passwords. But this is another history.....
    As it regards the File Sharing it exists a virus on purpose conceived, Benjamin, that is camouflaged in inviting way (names of known film, recent songs, Etc.) and it doesn't do anything else other than to reply him, with all his brothers, in a temporary directory and very well nested of the HD, coming to also occupy quite a lot Gbyte (and notably the system).

    You extinguish the bufala

    Have you received a suspicious message?
    Or have you received a message that asks to be forwarded to how much more possible people? (Any messages of this type it is him to always consider "Suspect"). before sending you check it that is not a bufala with these sites.



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    well, than, are u sure u didn't break any copyrights on this copy and paste? or did u really right this all your self. if u did thats good, im impressed.

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    no copyrigth was broken.....
    please don't accuse me without knowing...
    see you.

    i've do all by myself.......

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    Nice tutorial. Look forward to more from you.



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    I have to say a *pat* on the back. Great job Anatra. Just like what alittlebitnumb said I will be looking forward in seeing u post again. ;-)Thankyou of the information.
    First you listen, then you do, finally you teach.
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    I am very thankful to you. I hope really that this post can be, somehow, of help to someone..... see soon us.

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    thanks for your tutorial

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