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Thread: The KidAdmin Project

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    The KidAdmin Project

    Here is the deal:

    I am interested in completely rebuilding my entire site KidAdmin.com, from what it is now, being a personal interests type site, to a computer based site. I have recently become a computer science student, and would like to dedicate my dot com to something more useful, something like a place to store everything that i learn as i become better at computing, and a place where people can see what I and others have learned and learn it themselves.

    I know many great sites like this exist already, AntiOnline being one of them (AO is becoming my favorite site). I would like input on what users would like to see in a site like this. What types of features, layouts, utilities, or functions would make up a site you would deem very useful. This site is going to be built from the ground up so any input would help out greatly in my design. If anybody is interested in working with me throughout the development of this site, please get in contact with me. I am very serious and dedicated to this goal, so i wont let whoever wants to help down.

    I just want to create one of the best sites on the net for people to go learn something from, weather it be programming, security, hardware or any other form of hacking.

    Even if your not interested in the development of this site, please reply to this post with a feature you would really like to see more of on the net.

    Thanks for any input!

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    KidAdmin, that's pretty ambitious indeed. Other members are doing the same thing:


    Check em' out


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    The stickdarwf site is pretty cool, the other link is dead, are you sure the link is correct?

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    The stickdarwf site is pretty cool, the other link is dead, are you sure the link is correct?
    oops. my bad (sorry MicroBurn!!) www.unerror.com Should work


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    Another member site to check out is ByteKill by er0k and co.
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    Well thanks for the links, are there any others that people know about?
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    Go to KidAdmin.com

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    As a matter of fact, check out http://www.antionline.com/toplist.php


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    Heeeyy, my site is up there! Hehehe. You can come by at my site at any time, ill be glad to help you out on any probs you encounter. Just ask around at my forums.

    To give you one big suggestion: TRY TO BUILD A COMMUNITY!!! Do not try to just put content on your site and then expect it to be visited. Let people join in, add content. CMS is every future site.

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    What is CMS? Sorry if i am ignorant.
    im not living, im just killing time.
    Go to KidAdmin.com

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    CMS : Come Meet Sickdwarf

    Edit : Come Molest Sickdwarf
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