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Thread: It saves Xp

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    Arrow It saves Xp

    It saves Xp

    This time the nth leak on the systems Microsoft saves the most modern system.
    In his/her sessantacinquesimo safety bulletin of the year (MS02-065) microsoft describes a serious leak contained in the Date access Components (MDAC), a component of Windows used by many applications, among which Internet Information Server (ISS) and the most recent versions of Internet Exploer (IE), to access the Database.
    The stricken versions are the 2.1, 2.5 and 2.6 of MDAC, while those of Internet Exploer are the 5.01, 5.5 and 6.0 in all the OS except XP that uses a version adjourned of MDAC.

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    dont forget to cite your sources. otherwise you might get negged. make sure you cite your sources next time
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    you're right....
    i found it i n the website: http//www.hackerjournal.it
    excuse me for my mistake....
    see you

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    Your original post has some typos. One of them is:
    Date access Components (MDAC)
    This should say,"Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC). "

    You may want to polish up the post before submitting it. There are many newbies here and misinformation isn't a good thing.

    Also, like suggested, provide links to sources and to places where people can get updates to deal with the issue. In this case, provide a link to the Microsoft Universal Data Access Download Page


    I didn't nail you with antipoints because you seem like you have genuine interest in posting helpful info. You may want to read the FAQ pages for new users before posting. This will greatly reduce the chances of being negged in future posts.

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    Thank you for your help...
    excuse me for my errors...
    but... I'm a little excited in writing post and I have fear of making mistake...
    see you and I hope to be helpfull to all the AO members

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