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Thread: A Worm for Outlook

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    Angry A Worm for Outlook

    A Worm for Outlook

    KORVAR/WINEWAR is a worm that exploits two old problems of Windows, the VM ActiveX Component and the Automatic Execution of Embedded MIME type, and it strikes through the darling and old Outlook, already besides always in the first row as it regards this type of leaks. If left unmolested, the worm is theoretically able to cancel the whole files of the non in operation HD.

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    outlook always has a worm or a bug or something wrong with it. frankly, its a crap program and i dont like it.
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    actually, not to argue or anything... But Outlook has so many Hotfixes/Patches (at my office) we are constantly downloading updates, and although there is a period of time when we are vuln. most admins (those with licenses) are pretty up-to-date. I've never seen/heard of any problems- that and while my company is quite large, most wirii/worm activitey starts in other places (uk, south asia, etc...) so the admins here have a while, that and all of the restrictions we have on outside mail... anyway, that's just my opinion...

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    Tampa: Slammer or whatever you want to call it went worldwide in 10 minutes..... I would suggest your admins have less time than they used to....<s>

    I can't remember where I was reading it, (probably BugTraq or one of the other mailing lists I'm on), but there was a long and interesting article about the newer methods of viruses spreading themselves. They all had an emphasis on speed of travel with some predicted as being able to infoect worldwide in as little as 30 seconds...... I am quite sure that the days of having the whole weekend to trot into work and D/L the defs/patch etc. are thoroughly gone..... Unfortunately....
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    I always liked it, but I feel its a liability to have on your system.

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    Outlook Security

    I was recently tring to bypass outlook security for a proper business related purpose and
    found it very difficult.(managed it though with tampa bays help (great guy))

    Although some exploits still exist The proper full office XP and Office 2000 with proper active directory and patched up to SP3 seem pretty stable and secure.

    What most people don't seem to realise that use unix is that not many people bother looking for security exploits etc because not many businesses use it on local machines. (ones with users on them)

    People who slag of microsoft for being sloppy and insecure must remember that they still have a much wider user base than any other os and hence more bell ends looking for problems.

    I use redhat 9 and it is secure but not many companies use it.

    I mean its like comparing breaking into a car to steal a stereo and breaking into a tank.

    Its more practical to own a car because its more compatible with whats available.

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