Good Evening...I normally don't post too many questions to AO, but do tend to read alot of the questions and answers. However, this issue is one that is making me scratch my head.

Have a user who went from an NT4 pc to a fresh image of Win XP. Logs on to the network with no problem - drives map fine (currently migrating from Novell 5 to Win2K Servers for a file and print solution), so the user can access all files needed to do their job. However...when attempting to open a file (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) that the user is the author of - the file opens as read-only (even though no one else has the doc open). Permissions check out fine. The user goes to an NT box...the same file opens fine. Back to the XP box with a different user logged in...same issue; file is read-only. Original user on XP box - attempts to open the same file later in the day - this time, the file opens without any problems what so ever.

The folks who built the machine say the problem points to the user and their permissions. I tend to say "Hooey" to that idea, since the user can open the file on an NT machine. Any suggestions? I have witnessed the user attempt to open the same file at two different times of the day...the first time - the file is read-only. The second time, no problems at all.